is it bad…?


…that i maybe have a habit of eating nutella by the spoonful, straight out of the jar?
…that i spent at least an hour of my working day on pinterest and reading the news?
…that i cannot remember the last time i ironed anything?
…that i have only had my hair cut twice in the nine months since T was born?
…that i will be very dedicated to a new project in the first few days, but if i lose momentum before it’s finished, it is likely to get out in the shed and never get finished?
…that i have six pairs of sunglasses and five pairs of reading glasses?
…that i love it when people say T is cute, because he looks like me?
…that i would rather spend time at home with my little family than doing anything else on the planet?
…that i still cry when i think about my pop and how he will never get to see T grow up into a wonderful man?


cheers to the freakin’ weekend…

i’ll drink to that; no, wait, i can’t actually keep anything down.


after the weekend i had, i can quite honestly say i’ve never been so pleased to see monday arrive in all my life. i spent all friday night and saturday convinced that i’d been given food poisoning by my favourite indian restaurant, until lunch time on sunday when big daddy also came down with my affliction and a few friends revealed they’d had gastro (thanks for the heads up guys).

thankfully for T, I was over the worst of my illness and was no longer bed ridden by this stage, or he would have had to grow up quick smart – I mean, any self-respecting 9 month old ought to be able to fend or himself anyway, I’ve obviously been babying him too much. I’ve also got to say that in a single bathroom house, I am immensely grateful that big daddy and I were not sick at the same time because that just would have been a logistical nightmare…

in any event, thanks for being such a trooper baby and keeping yourself amused while big daddy and i wallowed in our misery.





warning: bad mother alert


is it terrible that i think this is one of my favourite photos of T?

the inquisitive little thing was so interested in my camera that he came crawling right up to the lens and bumped his head on it. i think he got more of a shock than anything, but you know how it is with a 9-month old they are perpetually on the verge of either tears or a fit of giggles. luckily for me, i had my finger on the ready and managed to catch this shot without even trying to (believe me, i am not that good of a photographer, and by the time i had managed to put my camera down, somthing far more interesting had taken T’s fancy and he’d forgotten all about the drama of ten seconds previously.

oh, to be nine-months old again…


today was just one of those days where nothing went to plan. after his swimming lesson, T and i dropped the car off for a 3 hour service and wandered over to the shopping centre for some lunch and retail therapy. we get there and the power is out, so pretty well every shop is shut; nevertheless we find things to buy in the four shops that were still open (fur-lined toddler Davy Crockett hat from pumpkin patch anyone?) and manage to kill 3 hours.

after toddling back, we are told that due to the power outage, the car will be another hour – not an issue as T was due a feed and a nap, so I settled in with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. three hours later (so six hours after we dropped the car off for a three hour service) we finally make it out of there.

as I walked through the front door at home, I was greeted by my toast, still sitting on the kitchen bench at 4.45pm. motherhood, there is no other job quite so demanding…


yoga, i just don’t get it


is it just me, or does anyone else struggle to understand yoga? every so often i decide i’m going to give it another go and see what all the fuss is about and every time, i walk out of the class thinking ‘that was good, but i don’t feel like i’ve done a workout.’

there i was this morning, with a drop of sweat running down my bag and my legs quivering, and I still thought it was too easy to possibly be doing anything. why? why do I think I have to be puffing and panting for exercise to be worth it?

so many people swear by yoga for their physical and mental health (i mean, look at miranda kerr) and lord knows I’ve still got that last 5 kilos of baby weight to lose. with that in mind, i’ve committed to a five-week yoga challenge – at least two classes a week.

wish me luck…

ten things i heart about you: baby edition


  1. your sweet milk breath
  2. the way you smile as you’re falling asleep
  3. your adventurous spirit
  4. your limitless energy
  5. the way your face lights up when you see me
  6. that (almost) no matter what I cook, you eat it with such enthusiasm that it makes me think my cooking must be good
  7. your infectious giggle
  8. that you are probably the only person on earth who likes my singing
  9. i always have something to do when you’re around
  10. that you’re all mine and i get to be your mum