yoga, i just don’t get it


is it just me, or does anyone else struggle to understand yoga? every so often i decide i’m going to give it another go and see what all the fuss is about and every time, i walk out of the class thinking ‘that was good, but i don’t feel like i’ve done a workout.’

there i was this morning, with a drop of sweat running down my bag and my legs quivering, and I still thought it was too easy to possibly be doing anything. why? why do I think I have to be puffing and panting for exercise to be worth it?

so many people swear by yoga for their physical and mental health (i mean, look at miranda kerr) and lord knows I’ve still got that last 5 kilos of baby weight to lose. with that in mind, i’ve committed to a five-week yoga challenge – at least two classes a week.

wish me luck…


2 thoughts on “yoga, i just don’t get it

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