today was just one of those days where nothing went to plan. after his swimming lesson, T and i dropped the car off for a 3 hour service and wandered over to the shopping centre for some lunch and retail therapy. we get there and the power is out, so pretty well every shop is shut; nevertheless we find things to buy in the four shops that were still open (fur-lined toddler Davy Crockett hat from pumpkin patch anyone?) and manage to kill 3 hours.

after toddling back, we are told that due to the power outage, the car will be another hour – not an issue as T was due a feed and a nap, so I settled in with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. three hours later (so six hours after we dropped the car off for a three hour service) we finally make it out of there.

as I walked through the front door at home, I was greeted by my toast, still sitting on the kitchen bench at 4.45pm. motherhood, there is no other job quite so demanding…



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