cheers to the freakin’ weekend…

i’ll drink to that; no, wait, i can’t actually keep anything down.


after the weekend i had, i can quite honestly say i’ve never been so pleased to see monday arrive in all my life. i spent all friday night and saturday convinced that i’d been given food poisoning by my favourite indian restaurant, until lunch time on sunday when big daddy also came down with my affliction and a few friends revealed they’d had gastro (thanks for the heads up guys).

thankfully for T, I was over the worst of my illness and was no longer bed ridden by this stage, or he would have had to grow up quick smart – I mean, any self-respecting 9 month old ought to be able to fend or himself anyway, I’ve obviously been babying him too much. I’ve also got to say that in a single bathroom house, I am immensely grateful that big daddy and I were not sick at the same time because that just would have been a logistical nightmare…

in any event, thanks for being such a trooper baby and keeping yourself amused while big daddy and i wallowed in our misery.






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