is it bad…?


…that i maybe have a habit of eating nutella by the spoonful, straight out of the jar?
…that i spent at least an hour of my working day on pinterest and reading the news?
…that i cannot remember the last time i ironed anything?
…that i have only had my hair cut twice in the nine months since T was born?
…that i will be very dedicated to a new project in the first few days, but if i lose momentum before it’s finished, it is likely to get out in the shed and never get finished?
…that i have six pairs of sunglasses and five pairs of reading glasses?
…that i love it when people say T is cute, because he looks like me?
…that i would rather spend time at home with my little family than doing anything else on the planet?
…that i still cry when i think about my pop and how he will never get to see T grow up into a wonderful man?


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