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a few random photos of our recent adventures…



a day out at the zoo

when the sun broke through the clouds for a few hours last saturday, daddy arnold and i thought we would seize the opportunity to take T for his first visit to the zoo. we brought the godfather along for the trip and the four of us had a wonderful afternoon in the sun.


T didn’t care too much for the big animals, but was absolutely besotted with the meerkats. it is an absolutely brilliant meerkat enclosure at the perth zoo because you get to walk out into a little glass walled bubble and watch the meerkats play around you.

T and the godfather
the giraffes are always a favourite of mine.


the elephant show was also a highlight

nap time all around

hello in there…

sorry for the break in posts. i’m running around like a headless chicken at the moment between preparing for a trial, writing an essay for my masters, organising T’s first birthday party and getting ready for a trip to visit the fam-dam in canada.

please, can’t i have 36 hours in the days just for the next two weeks???

in the meantime, if you miss me, you can check out a new project that i am involved in over here.

mmm, breakfast at sayers

one place you can always guarantee an amazing brunch in perth is sayers in leederville. i have been known to frequent this place on more than the occasional saturday morning.

my standard go-to breakfasts are the coriander + cumin beans tagine (aka sayers’ version of baked beans – amazing) and the oh-so-decadent doughnuts. both of these are choices that daddy arnold approves of because the tagine comes with a gorgeously poached egg on top and i have a slight aversion to eggs, so he always gets my extra egg, and the doughnuts, well, what’s not to love about doughnuts with caramel and banana and ice-cream and chocolate sauce?

this time though, when we got to sayers it was heading towards lunch time, so rather than my standard breakfast fare, I consulted the lunch menu and immediately was drawn to the confit tomato, rocket and feta concoction; three of my most favourite ingredients together. it was superb, as usual.

as i watched almost everyone around me have the most gooey and decadent slices of carrot cake i have ever seen brought out to them, it was all I could not to dive across the cafe face-first onto one of their plates. they looked, and i bet they tasted, magnificent. damn you all and your fast metabolisms!

is there nothing this funky little place can’t make?

cardigan by seed heritage; t-shirt by bonds baby and jeans by dymples for biq-w.

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my practically perfect mothers day

i was blessed to have such an amazing first mothers day on sunday with my beautiful family. it started with breakfast from sherbet bakeshop



followed by a gorgeous picnic with my mum and nanna in the stunning surrounds of kings park, complete with smallgood spread from smoult’s deli




the end of chivalry…

…or rather, politeness in general.

maybe i’m a bit behind the times, but up until very recently i didn’t believe that this generation was so different to the rest when my grandparents would say: “people these days are just rude. back in my day, kids were taught to have manners and respect there elders”. i chose to believe that either my grannies’ memories were failing them, or people really were lovely and polite – just not when i was specifically paying attention.

my, how my opinion has changed. maybe this is because as i write this post i am standing on a train in stilettos whilst at least 20 gentleman of all ages are seated around me and not one has offered their seat (maybe, just once, the thought crossed my mind that i should accidentally on purpose step on their toes with my heel as the train pulled into the station. but, alas, my conscience got the better of me).

i must admit though, I never really expected anyone to stand for me. however, it did remind me of the time I was about 7 months pregnant – not huge, but obviously bloated – and a woman with a zimmer frame boarded the packed train. a few young girls sitting near me did nothing, neither did the middle aged men. so i, the pregnant woman, gave up my seat for the elderly woman.

rant over!


this picture of T really has nothing to do with this post, it just makes me happy.

happy mothers day


to all the amazing mums out there – congratulations on all your hard work over the past year. you have raised amazing children, created unimaginably precious families and your sacrifices are and will be appreciated more than you will ever realise.

to my mum and nanna – thank you and i love you from the bottom of my heart.

and to T – my morning coffee tastes so much better now that I get to drink it out of this mug. thank you baby. i heart you too.

the perfect mothers day gift

what an amazing few days. yesterday, my gorgeous boy took his first steps. they may have been aided by the support of his fire truck walker, but they were steps nonetheless. his little legs were shaky, he held his walker for dear life, he lurched forward like a zombie and the whole time he had the biggest smile spread across his face. excited much (both T and i)?

but not only has the past week heralded T’s first shaky steps, he has also started waving on cue, saying mama, dada and nanna to the correct people (according to my mum, he is also saying peppa pig) and he now recognises his name.

i am so proud of you baby boy and thanks for the most perfect first mother’s day presents ever.

moore + moore (+ moore + moore)


i haven’t been to moore + moore since way back in my uni days when it first opened up down a little alley way across the road from the university of notre dam school of law. back then, it was the funky new place to be seen between classes with fantastic coffee, greats baguettes and an excellent vibe.

so, when T and I were wandering around fremantle last friday looking for a place to have lunch I thought ‘why not pop into my old favourite?’ i was pleased to see that m+m had kept the same funky casual vibe, whilst expanding out onto the side walk and into the adjoining moore + moore art gallery. i also thought the kiddies corner play area was a particularly sweet addition to the garden dining area.

service was bright and cheerful, the lunch menu was short but sweet and the chicken and polenta dish was definitely something to write home about and I will surely be back for more (and more) in the near future. in fact, I’m dreaming about it now – succulent, juicy chicken, crisp rocket, sweet balsamic and cheesy polenta. simply delicious.

image image image image image image imageimage

^^the fabulous and oh-so-inviting kiddies corner^^ 

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