pram wars

IMG_0059^^^next thing you know, he’ll be asking to for my keys^^^

but before that, comes the all important decision that needs to be made by any parent to be – which pram do i buy? do i get the sensible and safe volvo which isn’t the most glamorous and pretty and is pretty heavy to lug around, but it’s solid and safe? or should i instead get the rolls royce which is sleek and cool and twice the price? the worst part is, this decision doesn’t only affect you as you push it around and lug it in and out of the car, but you just know all those other snobby little babies at the playground are checking out your pram and if it’s not good enough, your poor little angel is going to be an outcast all because of your poor decisions…

i know T is almost ten months old and i should be over this whole pram issue (and i really ought to have gotten over the judgmental glares from other mothers as they check out your wheels), but one thing this last ten months has tought me is that firstly, a good pram is vital and secondly, if you make the wrong decision in the first instance, it is never to late to rectify the situation – have you met gumtree?

this is an experience i recently had when i traded in my strider plus for a bugaboo cameleon and let me tell you i couldn’t be happier with the decision. the bugaboo isn’t perfect; i mean the strider fit in my car so easily, it folded in one piece and had an amazing sun canopy, but it was huge and heavy (rather like the hummer of prams) and i was constantly crashing into door frames. the bugaboo on the other hand is light and sleek and easy to manouver, but it has taken a bit of practice (and a few bruised shins) to work out the best way to fold and unfold it. who knows though, in another ten months, i may be ready to move onto the next one – pramaholic much?


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