the end of chivalry…

…or rather, politeness in general.

maybe i’m a bit behind the times, but up until very recently i didn’t believe that this generation was so different to the rest when my grandparents would say: “people these days are just rude. back in my day, kids were taught to have manners and respect there elders”. i chose to believe that either my grannies’ memories were failing them, or people really were lovely and polite – just not when i was specifically paying attention.

my, how my opinion has changed. maybe this is because as i write this post i am standing on a train in stilettos whilst at least 20 gentleman of all ages are seated around me and not one has offered their seat (maybe, just once, the thought crossed my mind that i should accidentally on purpose step on their toes with my heel as the train pulled into the station. but, alas, my conscience got the better of me).

i must admit though, I never really expected anyone to stand for me. however, it did remind me of the time I was about 7 months pregnant – not huge, but obviously bloated – and a woman with a zimmer frame boarded the packed train. a few young girls sitting near me did nothing, neither did the middle aged men. so i, the pregnant woman, gave up my seat for the elderly woman.

rant over!


this picture of T really has nothing to do with this post, it just makes me happy.


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