mmm, breakfast at sayers

one place you can always guarantee an amazing brunch in perth is sayers in leederville. i have been known to frequent this place on more than the occasional saturday morning.

my standard go-to breakfasts are the coriander + cumin beans tagine (aka sayers’ version of baked beans – amazing) and the oh-so-decadent doughnuts. both of these are choices that daddy arnold approves of because the tagine comes with a gorgeously poached egg on top and i have a slight aversion to eggs, so he always gets my extra egg, and the doughnuts, well, what’s not to love about doughnuts with caramel and banana and ice-cream and chocolate sauce?

this time though, when we got to sayers it was heading towards lunch time, so rather than my standard breakfast fare, I consulted the lunch menu and immediately was drawn to the confit tomato, rocket and feta concoction; three of my most favourite ingredients together. it was superb, as usual.

as i watched almost everyone around me have the most gooey and decadent slices of carrot cake i have ever seen brought out to them, it was all I could not to dive across the cafe face-first onto one of their plates. they looked, and i bet they tasted, magnificent. damn you all and your fast metabolisms!

is there nothing this funky little place can’t make?

cardigan by seed heritage; t-shirt by bonds baby and jeans by dymples for biq-w.

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