adventures in vegas

what can I say about las vegas? for someone who really is not into gambling there was a surprising amount to do in Vegas and I loved it!

we wandered the strip, squished in a little shopping, filled bags full of limited edition m&ms at the m&m store, tasted 16 different coca-cola brand drinks from around the world at the coke store (beware of #7 on the second tray), ate at the (ah-maxing) MGM buffet and took in the spectacles that are the Vegas casinos. although i have family and vegas and that is ultimately why we went, I could easily spend a week on the strip just taking it all in without betting a cent (I’ll leave the gambling up to daddy arnold). so, until next time las vegas…20130624-214758.jpg20130624-214804.jpg20130624-214809.jpg20130624-214813.jpg


strawberry fields forever

I’m not quite sure where the idea came from, as unfortunately it’s not something that i’ve ever heard about doing in australia, but last tuesday daddy arnold, T and i went strawberry picking. the smell at the farm was absolutely amazing and it was all I could do not to stick every strawberry i picked in my mouth!

i filled my basket with the reddest and ripest berries i could find. daddy arnold went for the biggest berries and T just picked anything and everything he could get his hands on (unfortunately for daddy arnold, this usually meant stealing the biggest ones out of his basket and ‘testing’ them).

I loved spending an hour out in the fresh air with my boys and I particularly loved eating the spoils of all of our hard work as soon as we had had our baskets weighed. i’m definitely going to have to serif I can find a place in perth to pick strawberries this summer.


we are doing this, why…?

T, daddy arnold and i have made it halfway to las vegas and so far, we are (just) surviving. we’ve been on the go since 2am and its now 6pm. in that time, T has accumulated a grand total of 2 hours sleep, which means I have had even less than that! at least I can catch up on my movie watching I guess…

perhaps it was a little ambitious of me to think that he would spend most of the flight sleeping so that I could do the same – wishful thinking. I am grateful he has been in a great mood for much of the flight so far with only a few little incidents of tears, lets hope it stays this way.



where on earth have I been for the last week? my masters essay has been submitted for over a week now and i still haven’t got back on track with the blog – naughty mummy!

even without my essay though, this last week has been absolutely hectic. the three of us are off to canada on tuesday morning for three and a half weeks and then two days after we get back, t is having his first birthday party. so suffice to say, the last week has been a busy time of trying to get my files at work in order before i go away, packing, cleaning, organising, stressing, crafting, procrastinating and stressing.

we have decided to pack light with only one suitcase, plus the pram in its travel case between us. four outfits each (with a few more than that for t) should be okay, right? deciding which four outfits to pack is proving to be the hardest part for me. i guess we’ll just have to go shopping when we get there if I forget anything. oh no, how awful. ; )

leaving packing and flying with 11 month old to one side, i think I am actually more worried about t’s birthday party. i am more than a little bit addicted to pinterest and recently attended a pinterest-worthy olw themed first birthday, so now the pressure is on to keep up with the joneses. because t’s childhood will surely be ruined if he doesn’t have the perfect first birthday…

so before we leave, I have frantically been making ‘happy birthday’ buntings, photo booth props, ball pits, invitations, lolly bags and planning the food and drinks. stressing much? i’m sure it’ll all be fine (if say that enough times, I’m bound to start believing it).

ahhh! back to the craft table…