where on earth have I been for the last week? my masters essay has been submitted for over a week now and i still haven’t got back on track with the blog – naughty mummy!

even without my essay though, this last week has been absolutely hectic. the three of us are off to canada on tuesday morning for three and a half weeks and then two days after we get back, t is having his first birthday party. so suffice to say, the last week has been a busy time of trying to get my files at work in order before i go away, packing, cleaning, organising, stressing, crafting, procrastinating and stressing.

we have decided to pack light with only one suitcase, plus the pram in its travel case between us. four outfits each (with a few more than that for t) should be okay, right? deciding which four outfits to pack is proving to be the hardest part for me. i guess we’ll just have to go shopping when we get there if I forget anything. oh no, how awful. ; )

leaving packing and flying with 11 month old to one side, i think I am actually more worried about t’s birthday party. i am more than a little bit addicted to pinterest and recently attended a pinterest-worthy olw themed first birthday, so now the pressure is on to keep up with the joneses. because t’s childhood will surely be ruined if he doesn’t have the perfect first birthday…

so before we leave, I have frantically been making ‘happy birthday’ buntings, photo booth props, ball pits, invitations, lolly bags and planning the food and drinks. stressing much? i’m sure it’ll all be fine (if say that enough times, I’m bound to start believing it).

ahhh! back to the craft table…



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