tuesday funnies

over the past week that little boy of mine has certainly keep me well amused and in awe of just how sweet and clever he is. in the past week of so T read me a book (i’m not quite sure what it was about, but he was talking and turning the pages and doing all of the right things), he managed to get into the wine fridge and pull out a few bottles, while he was in the bath he found the extra plug and tried to put it into the plug hole on top of the other plug, he danced to the the theme music of ‘The Hive’ and he shared (and I really mean shared) a pear with Alfie.

oh baby boy, you are growing up so so fast.IMG_0283

^^just love this picture of T and his cousin Parker taken while we were in Canada. She was so upset she couldn’t have a bath with T, but she didn’t have any spare clothes^^

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