isn’t there supposed to be another week of winter left?

dear mother nature,

I fear you may be a little confused as to the date it is or the hemisphere we are in. i am so not complaining about beautiful, sunny 25 degree days in winter, but what the…?

anywho, making the most of the divine weekend you gave us, i took t and Alfie down to the park for a play in the sun on more than one occasion and even got out myself and did some long overdue gardening.



^^t loved throwing the ball for Alfie and got a lot of practice at saying “dogga” everytime we saw a dog^^


ps. please let every weekend be like this.

thanks in advance.

the arnolds


mechanics institute

any place you get to by walking down an alleyway scores points in my book. however, when that place is not only found down an alleyway, but down an alleyway and up an unassuming flight of stairs, you know you’re onto a winner.

once you make it up the stairs you are greeted by one of my favourite views of the perth skyline; it is so close, so tangible, you just feel a part of the city. after you’ve soaked in enough of the view to be able to drag yourself away for a second, a trip into the bar is equally as breathtaking. a huge selection of spirits lines the walls and the wine and cocktail lists are delicious.

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my glass of sav blanc and schooner of apple cider (or two) out in the sun watching the hustle and bustle of the city go on around me. the only possible negative I had was that its not a particularly toddler friendly venue – or maybe that’s just my super energetic toddler. I spent much of my time at the mechanics institute getting between t and the stairwell before he could take a tumble right back out into the alleyway from whence we came.


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lunch at the tuck shop

a couple of cold, rainy and miserable fridays ago, godmummy, t and I toddled on down to the tuck shop on newcastle st in northbridge for lunch and a side of gossip.

given the gloomy weather, godmummy and I jumped straight to the pie section of the menu, settling on two beef and stilton pies – mine plain, hers nestled in a bed of mushy minted peas. it was divine. i actually think I used the word delicious over 10 times in less than an hour whenever I thought of that crispy puff pastry filled with a gloriously rich yet delicate filling. the flavour was a perfect winter combination! and all at only $12.50.


^^even t approved of the pie^^

I will definitely be back to the tuck shop soon (especially since I work around the corner); to be honest I can’t believe I hadn’t made it there earlier. not only was my pie scrumptious, it was accompanied by lovely coffee and brilliant service. it was one of the only places I have ever eaten where the staff were conscious not to put the hot coffee or knives or plates of food within t’s reach. it really is the little things that count.



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walking skills

i’m hardly recognising our little family this week. daddy arnold is off living it up in hawaii for a week on a “business” trip, t has become a walking fiend and I’ve had three full nights sleep in a row (which is lucky since i’m struggling to keep up with my little marathon runner.

since he has honed his mad walking skills (we are still working on his nunchuk skills) i have caught t stealing apples off the tree – a skill he no doubt learned from alfie; stealing capsicums from nonno’s garden; standing inside the DVD drawer in the tv cabinet; trying to escape out the front door; and pulling every single ziplock bag out of their box. whew, who needs a gym membership when you can chase after your toddler all day throwing yourself between him and every possible dangerous situation he can possibly find?!?


and just for fun, here’s a link to a little video of t showing off his mad skills…

9 free baby printables

recently, i have had the pleasure of planning a first birthday, christening, baby shower and reveal party. in my quest to be uber-mum and make decorations and invitations myself, i have come across some fabulous and FREE printables.

so here i am to share with you 9 of my favourites:

On to baby has a gorgeous collection of birthday party and baby shower invitations, as well as thank you cards and the cutest personalisable artwork for the nursery.

Adorable Free Printables + Baby Shower/Announcements

how about a fun game of baby mad libs at your next baby shower? this cute southwestern themed design is from Love vs. Design along with a whole stack of other free printables.

another baby shower game comes to us from Fresh Linen.

the printable photo booth props and letters I used for T’s first birthday are from Oh Happy Day and Martha Stewart Weddings.

other sweet little baby printables can be found at:

^^ Mrs. This and That^^

^^ Confetti Sunshine^^

^^Maiko Nagao^^

boy baby shower printables

^^How to Nest for Less^^ 

good luck with your party planning!!