lunch at the tuck shop

a couple of cold, rainy and miserable fridays ago, godmummy, t and I toddled on down to the tuck shop on newcastle st in northbridge for lunch and a side of gossip.

given the gloomy weather, godmummy and I jumped straight to the pie section of the menu, settling on two beef and stilton pies – mine plain, hers nestled in a bed of mushy minted peas. it was divine. i actually think I used the word delicious over 10 times in less than an hour whenever I thought of that crispy puff pastry filled with a gloriously rich yet delicate filling. the flavour was a perfect winter combination! and all at only $12.50.


^^even t approved of the pie^^

I will definitely be back to the tuck shop soon (especially since I work around the corner); to be honest I can’t believe I hadn’t made it there earlier. not only was my pie scrumptious, it was accompanied by lovely coffee and brilliant service. it was one of the only places I have ever eaten where the staff were conscious not to put the hot coffee or knives or plates of food within t’s reach. it really is the little things that count.



The Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon


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