mechanics institute

any place you get to by walking down an alleyway scores points in my book. however, when that place is not only found down an alleyway, but down an alleyway and up an unassuming flight of stairs, you know you’re onto a winner.

once you make it up the stairs you are greeted by one of my favourite views of the perth skyline; it is so close, so tangible, you just feel a part of the city. after you’ve soaked in enough of the view to be able to drag yourself away for a second, a trip into the bar is equally as breathtaking. a huge selection of spirits lines the walls and the wine and cocktail lists are delicious.

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my glass of sav blanc and schooner of apple cider (or two) out in the sun watching the hustle and bustle of the city go on around me. the only possible negative I had was that its not a particularly toddler friendly venue – or maybe that’s just my super energetic toddler. I spent much of my time at the mechanics institute getting between t and the stairwell before he could take a tumble right back out into the alleyway from whence we came.


Mechanics' Institute Bar on Urbanspoon


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