a beautiful blue baby shower

mini fashionmaster

Imagea few Sundays ago, myself and my girlfriends had the absolute honour of throwing a gorgeous afternoon high tea for one of our dear friends.

our afternoon was simply beautiful with so much love for the mum-to-be and her baby boy. we played a few games including the ice cube game and a game of baby gift bingo (a few days before the party I made up lists of random gifts that I predicted might be received and everyone ticked the gifts off their list as they were opened). the winners received a baby bottle full of lollies…

i was in my element planning this party and making the decorations including random glass jars for drinking glasses and bunting. and I loved all of the blue cooking I got to do. I made blueberry lemonade (which ended up pink rather than blue, but meh), blue velvet cupcakes, luscious melting moments…

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docker, docker, docker, docker, docker

for the past 6 months T has been running around saying what Rod and i thought was “dooga dooga dooga”. as it turns out, the kid has actually been predicting for the whole afl season that the “docker docker dockers” are going to win the premiership tomorrow.

i hope you’re right buddy (or dad will be mighty upset)…


if you want something done right, do it yourself

dear mother,

please be aware that your poor standard of housekeeping has not gone unnoticed. you may think you mopped the floor this morning, but I beg to differ. it was filthy!

i therefore took it upon myself to do the job properly and clean up after you. please note that I am in no way happy about having to do this – i have much more important things I could be doing with my time like eating sultanas, watching chuggington or hiding all of your valuable items (do you think the remote control just disappears on its own)…

you have been warned.

yours sincerely,

T. xxx


just another boring day at daycare

on more than one occasion in the last week people (generally those employed to care for t while I’m otherwise occupied) have said to me: “does he ever sit still?”, “he must keep you on your toes” or “he’s spirited”. the short answer is that no, he does not stop moving, but he sure does keep life interesting.

today, like every tuesday, was a daycare day for t. he generally loves his time at daycare and we drop him off and pick him up with no issues in between, but today t wanted to spice things up.

at about 11am I get an SMS from daycare telling me that t was bitten on the left arm by one of the other toddlers and after a big cuddle he was back to his usual self – so much so that 20 minutes later, the same kid bit him again on the right arm! apparently they were fighting over a toy and, evidently, thatcher did not learn his lesson the first time. so now my little monkey has matching grill marks on each forearm.

and if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, when rod picked up this afternoon the girls told him that after the biting incident, t managed to escape from the babies room and break into the toddler room at daycare where he subsequently had a grand old time playing with the big kids.

i shudder to think of what he’s going to get up to next week…

^^it’s no wonder he fell asleep as soon as he made it into the car^^

the new cutest thing ever!

oh. my. goodness.

if rod and i had not witnessed this little moment with our own eyes yesterday, i don’t think either of us would believe that it happened.

last night, i was feeding T dinner (as usual) and i leant over to get his cup of water, but being the clutz that i am, i leant a little too far and fell off my stool and ended up face-down on the kitchen floor. as i laid there in shock (with rod laughing at me), T burst into tears thinking that i’d hurt myself. i had to get up and give him a hug just to settle him down.

too cute, baby. too cute!


pe-ah pig

this little boy of mine and his intelligence never cease to amaze me (lucky he got my brains really).

our morning routine generally always involves eating breakfast in the company of peppa pig – which may or may not be my favourite children’s show – but this morning, not only did i get serenaded by that upbeat “ding did a ling ding” of the theme song, I had t calling out “pe-ah pig, pe-ah pig”. what a clever clogs!

but that wasn’t the end of it. we decided to put his knowledge to the test and hide his peppa pig toy amongst all of his (many) other toys and then asked him to find peppa. and would you believe it, the sweet little thing went straight to her! amazing….