just another boring day at daycare

on more than one occasion in the last week people (generally those employed to care for t while I’m otherwise occupied) have said to me: “does he ever sit still?”, “he must keep you on your toes” or “he’s spirited”. the short answer is that no, he does not stop moving, but he sure does keep life interesting.

today, like every tuesday, was a daycare day for t. he generally loves his time at daycare and we drop him off and pick him up with no issues in between, but today t wanted to spice things up.

at about 11am I get an SMS from daycare telling me that t was bitten on the left arm by one of the other toddlers and after a big cuddle he was back to his usual self – so much so that 20 minutes later, the same kid bit him again on the right arm! apparently they were fighting over a toy and, evidently, thatcher did not learn his lesson the first time. so now my little monkey has matching grill marks on each forearm.

and if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, when rod picked up this afternoon the girls told him that after the biting incident, t managed to escape from the babies room and break into the toddler room at daycare where he subsequently had a grand old time playing with the big kids.

i shudder to think of what he’s going to get up to next week…

^^it’s no wonder he fell asleep as soon as he made it into the car^^

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