happy halloween

dad and T had a great time carving the pumpkin this afternoon with T reaching his arm inside the top and running away with handfuls of gooey pumpkin guts. thankfully they did it outside, otherwise I’d have some lovely rotten pumpkin to clean up in the morning.

Halloween is not a huge thing here in Australia and I’ve never experienced a ‘real’ halloween. canadian of the year, rod, on the other hand loves halloween – and any excuse for a party really – and can never do enough to get into the spirit of things. with that in mind (and deluded hope in his heart) rod stocked up on candy in anticipation of a steady flow of trick-or-treaters, but unfortunately for him (and my ever-expanding waistline), the ‘beware of dog’ sign scared them all away. damn you alfie, you scare away the wanted guests and let the burglars in…

i guess we will just have to have a halloween party here next year and tempt people in that way.


family fun time

what an absolutely insane couple of weeks we have had! october is always a crazy busy time of year for us full of birthdays and activities and all that baking and organising that goes with it. not only do rod and i both have our birthday’s in october (thanks for Photoshop mum and dad) but so does my grandmother and a couple of our friends too… october has also brought with it the nice sunny weather (well, a few days of it at least) over here on the west side of the country, but not so much for those on the east coast who are unfortunately dealing with some tragic bush fires – our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected!¬†when you see that sort of thing happening to people in your own country it makes you stop and focus on everything you have and remember just how lucky you are.

so, without further ado, here is a little recap of the arnold family’s october:



^^^ too cold dad. don’t make me go in there ^^^




^^ T likes nothing more than sand and tools ^^DSC_0399



^^ my friends are so cool – rollercoasters at their birthday parties. sweeeeeeeeet ^^DSC_0427


DSC_0476 DSC_0485

^^ nothing like a bit of handywork wearing nothing but your nappy to start the day right ^^DSC_0489



^^rod was more than a little jealous of T’s shirt here – he looked everywhere for one in Dad size^^DSC_0520

^^the glasses may be pink, but they are peppa pig so who cares^^DSC_0521


^^cowboys and indian themed party. cowboy rod and his mini-me, complete with matching handle-bar mustaches^^IMG_0443

IMG_0444^^starting early with the dancing on tables^^



^^nice shoes baby^^IMG_2355^^watchya doing up there?!?^^


^^not happy about the new haircut^^IMG_2399

^^but, he does love my new favourite gadget – our little green pouches. this one is full of banana and kale smoothie^^IMG_2405

IMG_2410^^don’t mind if i do… i could gladly eat left over salted caramel and vanilla bean layer cake for breakfast everyday. i made this one for nanna’s birthday and you can find the recipe here. be warned it is very sweet. might try a less sweet icing mixture next time^^

monsters say what?!

t’s favourite book at the moment is a gorgeous little touch and feel pop-up book called ‘is that you, monster?’ most of the pages have a little pocket where t can slide his hand in and feel the monster’s drool and hairy back and toe nails and horns, etc. and on the last page, the kids finally find the monster and it pops out at them. well, last night when rod was reading this book to t before bed all I could hear coming from his room were these little (or not so little as the case was) ‘roar, roar, roars’ when they got to the last page. super cute!



and while i’m having a ‘my son is so amazing and cute and smart and practically perfect in every way’ moment, check out this video i took of him this afternoon climbing up the steps of his slide and sliding down again without any help. please forgive my screeching baby talk and the fact that I missed most of him actually climbing up the slide – but you get the gist!

watch him go here!


ah, miss kitty’s you’ve done it again

after our first visit to miss kitty’s saloon a few months ago, rod and I both agreed that we would definitely be back there (it helped that it is only around the corner from our house). having said that, it took until last friday night for us to finally make it back.

rod and I and a few of our friends hit up miss kitty’s for a late dinner and drinks for my birthday and it couldn’t have been a more perfect place! we gorged ourselves on corn fritters and hot wing pancake and ribs and (two serves) of chilli fries and my new favourite miss kitty’s dish – the pork nuggets. I think we may have even had more food than that, but after the staff brought out our free round of birthday shots i fear that my memories of my 28th birthday celebrations are less than clear…

thanks miss kitty’s we love you.

ps. since rod found out that you serve wings for breakfast, it has been everything I could do to keep him from knocking down your door every morning. although, it is his birthday next week, so I may just have to succumb and let him at ’em.

^^he wasn’t at miss kitty’s, but get him a scoop of bubblegum ice cream and he will forgive you for anything^^

toddlers and cayenne pepper do not mix!

surprising isn’t it? i mean, anyone would have thought that toddlers and chilli powder were a great combination…

i’m still not quite sure how, but the other night T managed to get hold of the canister of cayenne pepper and spill it all through the house (considering it lives on a shelf about 1.7 metres off the ground – who knows how he got it). luckily for both him and i, i saw what he was doing just in time to stop him rubbing it all over his face and into his eyes. T may not have been particularly impressed that i threw him into the shower fully clothed, but given the fact that he didn’t spend the next three hours screaming in agony I think I managed to save him from the worst of it (I, on the other hand, had burning skin for quite a while afterwards.

little darling, please don’t do that to me again – next time, try cumin or coriander seed!

^^^scrambled eggs are much better for facials than chilli^^^

an afternoon at the show

the last time i went to the perth royal show I think I was about 8 years old and the whole thing revolved around lollies, rides, show bags and trying my hardest to get someone to win me one of those giant stuffed toys. after quite a bit of coaxing from rod (culminating with him playing the T card – “you know he will love it”) we decided to spend our friday at the show.

i’m afraid i have to admit that i may have been wrong and my reluctance to go to the show was unfounded. we had a wonderful afternoon out as a family, even if it was the only day this week when it hasn’t been gloriously sunny!

we enjoyed all that delicious and artery-clogging fairground food – chips, candy, chocolate, Dagwood dogs, fairy floss, doughnuts and slushies. we bought our fair share of show bags. we watched a man fly with a rocket pack and the dressage competition and a sheep dog trial. we saw (but much to my disgust did not get to taste) all the winning cakes and biscuits. we playing with the baby animals in the petting zoo and had our photo taken with a baby goat. we (read: rod) played some games and won some stuffed toys on sideshow alley. T got to dig for potatoes (and may have had a very public meltdown when it came time to leave) and we even got to see a peppa pig show. what more could you want?!?

and really, if we had taken our own picnic lunch and steered clear of the show bags it would have been a relatively cheap family day out!

















T and the very very dark chocolate

what kind of toddler eats 70% cocoa dark chocolate? evidently one does and it appears that he not only ate it, but enjoyed it too!

the little rascal opened the pantry and just helped himself to my block of dark chocolate and there was no way he was going to voluntarily put it back – he even tried to share it with the dog.

after about half a square I thought it time to intervene and let’s just say the terrible twos are starting early in this household…