toddlers and cayenne pepper do not mix!

surprising isn’t it? i mean, anyone would have thought that toddlers and chilli powder were a great combination…

i’m still not quite sure how, but the other night T managed to get hold of the canister of cayenne pepper and spill it all through the house (considering it lives on a shelf about 1.7 metres off the ground – who knows how he got it). luckily for both him and i, i saw what he was doing just in time to stop him rubbing it all over his face and into his eyes. T may not have been particularly impressed that i threw him into the shower fully clothed, but given the fact that he didn’t spend the next three hours screaming in agony I think I managed to save him from the worst of it (I, on the other hand, had burning skin for quite a while afterwards.

little darling, please don’t do that to me again – next time, try cumin or coriander seed!

^^^scrambled eggs are much better for facials than chilli^^^


One thought on “toddlers and cayenne pepper do not mix!

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