ah, miss kitty’s you’ve done it again

after our first visit to miss kitty’s saloon a few months ago, rod and I both agreed that we would definitely be back there (it helped that it is only around the corner from our house). having said that, it took until last friday night for us to finally make it back.

rod and I and a few of our friends hit up miss kitty’s for a late dinner and drinks for my birthday and it couldn’t have been a more perfect place! we gorged ourselves on corn fritters and hot wing pancake and ribs and (two serves) of chilli fries and my new favourite miss kitty’s dish – the pork nuggets. I think we may have even had more food than that, but after the staff brought out our free round of birthday shots i fear that my memories of my 28th birthday celebrations are less than clear…

thanks miss kitty’s we love you.

ps. since rod found out that you serve wings for breakfast, it has been everything I could do to keep him from knocking down your door every morning. although, it is his birthday next week, so I may just have to succumb and let him at ’em.

^^he wasn’t at miss kitty’s, but get him a scoop of bubblegum ice cream and he will forgive you for anything^^


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