monsters say what?!

t’s favourite book at the moment is a gorgeous little touch and feel pop-up book called ‘is that you, monster?’ most of the pages have a little pocket where t can slide his hand in and feel the monster’s drool and hairy back and toe nails and horns, etc. and on the last page, the kids finally find the monster and it pops out at them. well, last night when rod was reading this book to t before bed all I could hear coming from his room were these little (or not so little as the case was) ‘roar, roar, roars’ when they got to the last page. super cute!



and while i’m having a ‘my son is so amazing and cute and smart and practically perfect in every way’ moment, check out this video i took of him this afternoon climbing up the steps of his slide and sliding down again without any help. please forgive my screeching baby talk and the fact that I missed most of him actually climbing up the slide – but you get the gist!

watch him go here!


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