happy halloween

dad and T had a great time carving the pumpkin this afternoon with T reaching his arm inside the top and running away with handfuls of gooey pumpkin guts. thankfully they did it outside, otherwise I’d have some lovely rotten pumpkin to clean up in the morning.

Halloween is not a huge thing here in Australia and I’ve never experienced a ‘real’ halloween. canadian of the year, rod, on the other hand loves halloween – and any excuse for a party really – and can never do enough to get into the spirit of things. with that in mind (and deluded hope in his heart) rod stocked up on candy in anticipation of a steady flow of trick-or-treaters, but unfortunately for him (and my ever-expanding waistline), the ‘beware of dog’ sign scared them all away. damn you alfie, you scare away the wanted guests and let the burglars in…

i guess we will just have to have a halloween party here next year and tempt people in that way.

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