getting our christmas on

rod and i love this time of year. we spent all day sunday putting our tree up (and then trying to keep thatcher away from it), rod has spent all week on the roof putting lights up and i am already starting to think about all the delicious christmas baking i’m planning on doing this year.

in keeping with tradition, i also took T down to one of the local paint-your-own pottery cafe’s to make our yearly christmas tree decoration. he was slightly more involved in this year’s bauble – i basically gave him a pallete of paint and a bauble and left him to it rather than simply holding him down whilst someone very quickly and skillfully took his handprint. we also made a few other decorations for the fambam too, but shushhhhh they don’t know about them yet…

DSC_0617 DSC_0618 DSC_0620


and in the first of many new christmas traditions, we went to see T in his first ever christmas show. i think i was more excited about this than anything i can remember in recent times. it was super cute and i did get a little tear in my eye when i walked into the room and saw him dressed in a little elf costume complete with sparkly red mohawk; however i think i may have had slightly unrealistic expectations of this group of 18 month old children. in my mind i pictured them all singing and dancing to christmas carols, waving at their parents and smiling coyly. in reality we got a group of kids who were sitting in a circle whilst the carers sang cristmas carols and clapped their hands – even that only lasted about 20 seconds until the kids saw their parents and either started screaming or, in T’s case, ran over to say hi and then went and played in the toy box… i think i may be about 3 or 4 years ahead of myself here!

DSC_0655 copy DSC_0644


and whilst we are on the subject of how delightful and cute T is at the moment:

  1. he cannot get enough of these el cheapo antlers i picked up last weeek – he wants to wear them everywhere.
  2. he stole my phone from me the other night while i was chatting to his godmother and ran through the house talking to her, goodness what he was telling her but it was super important.
  3. his new favourite word is bubbles – mine too…
  4. he is constantly doing this cheeky little smile which just melts my heart – he pretends to be really serious and then this little smirk creeps out.
  5. as i type this he is trying to scary the dog because his new favourite things is to scare people – this generally involves him making a long slow ‘ooooooooooooh’ sound and then he screams out ‘ah’ at which point rod and i jump and squeal like village idiots and he thinks he is the most hilarious person in the southern hemisphere. pity alfie doesnt quite get it; he just lays there and looks at thatcher like he is crazy.
  6. finally, this photo of T and Santa…. it just says it all.

IMG_1524 IMG_0455


One thought on “getting our christmas on

  1. Thatcher you are soso cute in your elf out fit you remind me so much of your daddy. You look just like him you have grown so much and wow you are the cutest little man ivfe ever seen. I miss you very much thatcher. Love always grammar

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