family fun time

in sydney, without the family…

IMG_1631 IMG_1633 IMG_1632 IMG_1634to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary last week, rod and i took a little thatcher-free trip over to sydney for a few days. we were fortunate to be able to send thatcher on a little holiday of his own with my parents for 3 days where he no doubt lived of nothing but treats and got away with bloody murder. so it was an enjoyable few days all round. i wont lie though because i was more than a little excited to see thatcher once we got home – i maybe even was waiting at the front door for him to get home (flash-forward 15 years to when i’ll be waiting up for him at midnight).

rod and i had an amazing time in sydney. we ate ourselves silly at rockpool grill, had a wild time at luna park, saw the absolutely beautiful burlesque/acrobatic show ’empire’ at the spiegeltent as part of the sydney festival, soaked in the experience of staying at the quirky and gorgeous qt hotel and just generally explored sydney. i can’t wait to do it all again with the kiddos.



happy anniversary


five years! holy cow, where has the time gone?!? we have been through a lot in these last few years – we started a family, we bought a house (and sold a house and bought a house and sold a house and bought a house), we adopted alfie, we have seen europe and new york and we have made a life together. we may not be as youthful (and hairy) as we were five years ago and our priorities may have changed, but i wouldn’t give up the last five years for anything. and besides, i’m pretty sure that this year coming is going to be the best one ever.

uncle b’s wedding: take 2

if you’ve been following along with us for a little while now, you’ll know that back in july last year one of my brother’s got married in a gorgeously intimate ceremony at his wife’s family farm in denmark, wa. you can see the pictures here.

as it was such a tiny ceremony, they decided to through a giant celebration with all of their friends and extended family this past weekend. the party was at the same place as the wedding ceremony and it was just as beautiful in the height of summer (albeit a little browner) as it was in the middle of winter.

thanks for letting our little family share these special moments with you, blair and alysha. xxx


^^my two favourite people^^


^^i finally got rod in a pair of chinos – and doesn’t he look smokin’^^

DSC_0955 DSC_0947

^^uncle k and his mini-me, complete with matching bow tie and suspenders^^

DSC_0950 DSC_0960 DSC_0971

^^peek-a-boo. thanks for keeping me entertained baby boy^^

the life and times of a babychino

as I was working down in beautiful albany last week, rod and I thought we would make a weekend of it and go exploring the gorgeous southwest region. so, bright and early (as it always is with an 18 month old) saturday morning we headed down to frederick’s cafe where we stuffed our faces full of eggs benedict, Turkish bread toast, bacon, delicious coffee and t’s first babychino. it took until the very last sip to finally work out what to do with it and stop using it as a facial mask, but although very little of it made it into his mouth, he had an amazing time along the way…