what a way to spend a friday

after meeting our gorgeous baby girl on friday morning, thatch and i thought we’d celebrate by filling the car up with petrol – going all out, i know. but obviously someone with far more power than me thought we weren’t doing enough to mark this moment so when I jumped back into the car to bring T home for his nap, I was ecstatic to see that I had a flat battery and was stranded at a petrol station 20 minutes from home with an over-tired toddler. to pass the time (which unsurprisingly blew out from a 50 minute wait to a 3 hour wait – thank you RAC) and keep thatch from rearranging all of the chocolate bars in the petrol station, we shared an ice cold chocolate milk. ahhh, if only it had been a somewhat more comfortable environment.

at least thatch enjoyed his little adventure. hopefully we dont have to do it again too soon…20140218-211810.jpg


tomorrow, tomorrow

… we find out tomorrow, what gender this new baby will be (must be sung to the tune of the song from ‘annie’ – am I showing my age here?!?)

for those who don’t know, our little family of 3 is about to become a family of 4. yay! and for me, tomorrow is the most exciting day of the whole pregnancy – our 19 week scan, aka ‘the is it a boy or a girl’ scan!!! when this time came around during my first pregnancy we had planned a big extravagant gender reveal party surrounded by our family and friends. we all found out we were expecting a blue bundle when rod and I cut into the cake made by a local baker and saw the bright blue icing inside.

we are definitely not going so all-out this time around, but it is going to be just as special all the same. just a little moment for us to share between our posse of three. i am super excited to take thatcher with us tomorrow morning to meet his little sibling. he is still too young to really understand what is going on, but he knows the ultrasound picture on the fridge is his baby, so it’ll be nice for him to see his baby moving around.

aaaahhhh, i’m so excited i don’t think i will be able to sleep tonight; the suspense is killing me. will I be painting the nursery blue or pink? will I be buying t-shirts or tu-tus? will i be reading the girls names chapter of the book or the boys names chapter? who really cares though, as long as it’s happy, right? i just can’t wait to see T as a big brother. he is going to be so good at it.


PS. I just want to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of quality photography lately. the iMac is on the fritz, so I’m stuck taking and editing photos on the iPhone.

my spicy little son


looking into my crystal ball, i am starting to think that perhaps thatcher is destined to be either a chef or spice merchant.

this morning when i woke up i walked out into the kitchen and was immediately greeted by the open pot of paprika (complete with the obligatory pile of spillage around it), a spoon covered in paprika and a very happy child sitting in the pile of paprika with paprika all over his face. this is not the first time that master arnold has done this to me. a few months ago it was a whole canister of ground cumin (i swear for the next month, every time i vacuumed the house it smelled like curry), last week it was a salad of white rice, brown rice and cous cous (obviously thatcher had heard that carbs are bad for you…) and of course, who could forget the cayenne pepper fiasco of late last year!

perhaps i should stop fighting his passion and just start doing some cooking with him. hmmm, what shall we cook first?



now, you’ve probably scrolled to the bottom of this post and are thinking to yourself ‘what kind of self-respecting snap happy mother takes her son to the zoo and takes absolutely no photos?’ My answer is, the kind of mother who naively succumbed the the peer pressure of her friends and let her little runner out of the pram and then spent the next two hours running around after him, trying to keep him out of the wild dog, elephant and lion enclosures.

ok, so maybe things weren’t quite that bad, but very now and again it’s nice to put the camera away and actually enjoy the moment. thatcher and i roared like lions, jumped like possums, waved our trunks like elephants and I supervised whilst thatcher danced for the monkeys. what a little character! he is getting more and more exciting to be around everyday and i can’t wait to see the boy you are growing into.

i also can’t wait until our next trip to the zoo (I’ll try to actually get his monkey dancing on camera this time)…