now, you’ve probably scrolled to the bottom of this post and are thinking to yourself ‘what kind of self-respecting snap happy mother takes her son to the zoo and takes absolutely no photos?’ My answer is, the kind of mother who naively succumbed the the peer pressure of her friends and let her little runner out of the pram and then spent the next two hours running around after him, trying to keep him out of the wild dog, elephant and lion enclosures.

ok, so maybe things weren’t quite that bad, but very now and again it’s nice to put the camera away and actually enjoy the moment. thatcher and i roared like lions, jumped like possums, waved our trunks like elephants and I supervised whilst thatcher danced for the monkeys. what a little character! he is getting more and more exciting to be around everyday and i can’t wait to see the boy you are growing into.

i also can’t wait until our next trip to the zoo (I’ll try to actually get his monkey dancing on camera this time)…

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