what a way to spend a friday

after meeting our gorgeous baby girl on friday morning, thatch and i thought we’d celebrate by filling the car up with petrol – going all out, i know. but obviously someone with far more power than me thought we weren’t doing enough to mark this moment so when I jumped back into the car to bring T home for his nap, I was ecstatic to see that I had a flat battery and was stranded at a petrol station 20 minutes from home with an over-tired toddler. to pass the time (which unsurprisingly blew out from a 50 minute wait to a 3 hour wait – thank you RAC) and keep thatch from rearranging all of the chocolate bars in the petrol station, we shared an ice cold chocolate milk. ahhh, if only it had been a somewhat more comfortable environment.

at least thatch enjoyed his little adventure. hopefully we dont have to do it again too soon…20140218-211810.jpg


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