we’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. how about you, you, you…

in an effort to make up for my last ‘bad mummy’ visit to the zoo where i forgot to take even one photo, i came prepared this time, with the good camera and a spare battery. pity for this bad mummy that neither of the batteries had any charge whatsoever and all i could do was lug the camera around and take happy snaps with the iPhone. the animals were really putting on a show too and it was a shame i couldn’t take some better quality snaps, but alas these will have to do…

IMG_1948 IMG_1943

^^the meerkats are always a favourite and today we were super lucky enough to see their new little babies^^

^^the lion took a liking to T. luckily we were informed he had just been fed^^IMG_1872 IMG_1864 IMG_1856 IMG_1852

for those of you with a keen eye, who are thinking to yourself ‘hey, that kid is wearing two different outfits’, you are very correct. one of the best decisions i made was to invest in a one year Perth zoo friends membership which gives T and I unlimited entries to the zoo for one year for only $85. At $24.50 a pop to visit the zoo, we have made our money back in just over a month – we may even have been twice this week (hence the outfit change).



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