white lady boy for table 225

in the painfully hip Brookfield Place lies the Asian fusion eatery known simply as the daily apple. nestled between print hall and bob’s bar it is the perfect meat in this oh so trendy nightspot sandwich.

so when we got the invitation to catch up with some dear friends of ours for some cocktails and share plates at apple daily I was super excited. dressed in my most hipster get up (or the most hipster get up you can find in maternity wear – skinny jeans, shirt buttoned up to the top and a choker necklace worn like a tie) – rod and I toddled down into the city like one of those child free and trendy couples who are seasoned participants in Friday night drinkies.

given the fact that im up the duff, i started the evening off with a refreshing citrus mocktail. rod, true to form, couldn’t be bothered to read the drinks menu and instead asked for a ‘citrus surprise’ – something alcoholic and citrusy. and my what a citrus surprise he received when he was presented with a gorgeous martini glass half full of lemony liquid and garnished with little tiny purple flowers. “your white lady boy, sir” said the waitress with a chuckle as she placed the drink down in front of him. leaving aside the name and the less-than-manly glassware, rod assures me it was a very pleasant way to start the night. ;-P

and then we got into the good stuff; the food. i think between the four of us we managed to order just about everything on the menu: saltwater duck, crispy soft-shell crab, pork rolls, mandarin duck, pork ribs, vegetable fried rice, the list goes on. by far the stand out dishes of the night were the pork ribs and soft-shell crab. i could quite happily eat these everyday for the rest of my life and never get sick of them. oh, that spicy nam jim sauce, I would put you on everything…

the atmosphere of apple daily could not be faulted either. it was vibrant and bustling and just felt full of life, but we could still easily hold a conversation without having to yell at each other across the table.

so as i sit here tonight in my pyjamas with my bowl of icecream, reminiscing about the night when I was cool and young and hip (well at least I thought I was) all I can think is that I will definitely be going back to apple daily some time soon – so long as I can find another maternity friendly hipster outfit.

^^^who ordered the white lady boy?^^

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