diary of a renovation rookie: the bathroom, day one


^^^thanks for the pic, roddy^^^

there is no going back from here. i knew demolition was going on in our bathroom today while i was working but I was so totally not expecting quite this level of demolition – I mean, we literally have no floor!!!!! and the room now seems so small; it is roughly 2m x 3m but when I opened the door this afternoon it seemed little more than a broom closet.

luckily for me I’m away for work for the rest of the week (glamourous meekatharra here I come) and one can hope that I ought to at least have a shower in my hotel room so it is rod who’s staying here to supervise and hold the fort who will really struggle with this lack of a bathroom – lucky the gym isn’t too far away. even thatch has put in for a temporary transfer to another office (aka nanny and nonno’s house) for the week. hopefully the worst of it will be over and the dust (oh the dust and it’s only day one) will have settled by the time we get home.

on the upside we managed to find a bath and the people were nice enough to sell us the floor stock so we can pick it up ASAP. it is costing us extra $$$$ for this bath though and now we just have to sort out the logistics of how to get a 150kg bath home. the stress never ends…

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