hello… winter…?

winter-o, winter-o, where for art thou winter-o?

it is now one month into autumn and we are still suffering through 30+ degree days and have seen barely a drop of rain. what is going on? the heat has driven us so batty that out of sheer desperation T and I decided to stay up past our bedtime (7.30pm anyone?) and go along and watch rod’s first hockey game of the season. we didn’t see too much of the game as T was more interested in exploring the arena (read: running away, trying to steal hockey sticks and pucks from the older kids and climbing on everything he could find).

it was a grand old time until one of the other kids got a hot chocolate and thatch just decided then and there that he had to have one. after raiding every nook and cranny in rod’s car we collected enough 5 cent pieces to get a cup of warm milk (or, ‘cup-a-tea’ as thatch calls it) for the boy and all was well in the world again. i even think rod managed to pull off a win too!






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