diary of a renovation rookie: the bathroom, ten days in

IMG_2075ten days in and you could be mistaken for thinking that very little work has actually been done (heck, i was). i mean other than having a concrete floor, a fresh ceiling and a toilet resting in its place very little has changed and i still feels miles away from actually being able to shower in my own home – I am however assured that we should all be finished early nest week so here’s hoping. in the meantime we have had a few minor conundrums; on saturday afternoon i (true to form) had a crisis of confidence and decided that the grey tiles we had purchased for the bathroom were too dark and would make the room seem tiny. of course, this revelation was made after the tile store had closed for the weekend so i was left to stew in my juices for two days before i could even get in to see if there was a lighter grey option or whether it wall all a moot point (luckily there was and luckily i sweet talked my way into an exchange).

the builder then broke it to me on wednesday that he thought that the toilet in the bathroom should go as it’ll get wet when we have a shower. firstly, having a second toilet was a non-negotiable for me – we only have one bathroom so we need two toilets – and i promptly advised him of such. secondly, i’m not sure about you, but the aim of the boys in my house cannot always be relied on and a daily wash down of the toilet is not such a bad thing… ps. i also think he was over exaggerating a bit and i doubt the toilet is actually going to get wet every time we take a shower.

let’s hope that the tiles go in this weekend without a hitch and i can lounge back in my glorious bath by this time next week.

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