diary of a renovation rookie: phase two

now that I can finally have a shower in my own home again (winning…), the time has come to farewell the back part of our cottage for greener and more open plan pastures.

^^the bathroom – it still needs a coat of paint, but at least it’s functional and man-oh-man is that bath ever nice^^

this week’s mammoth tasks have been ripping up the concrete out the back of our house where the new patch of luscious green lawn will go (do not judge the not-so-green lawn, if you can call it that, in the pictures as we new it was going). t was so cute out there wearing his little work boots and earmuffs watching his daddy and nonno with the jack hammer – we only stayed for a minute or two though before we decided our efforts were better spent in doing some baking rather than just being spectators. we also saw a Berlin Wall of sorts go up in the middle of our dining room to separate most of our house from the work, we saw the back of our old asbestos ceiling (yay) and we saw the wall come down between our dining room and t’s old playroom.





still to come, the old external wall will be knocked down and a gorgeous new light and bright extension will go in, our laundry and second toilet will get a facelift as will t’s new bedroom/man cavestudy (exactly what this room will be is a constant source of contention between rod and I at the moment). can’t hardly wait to see the finished product!!!

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