he said what…?

the other morning as I was laying in bed in that awful limbo state of being awake but not being ready to accept that reality I could hear thatcher reading in his room across the hall. i’m not quite sure which book it was as i wasn’t aware that we had a story about a duck and an ambulance who were saved from a perilous situation by an elephant just in the nick of time, but according to t, we do (or I could totally be misunderstanding the ‘quack quack, wee-aw wee-aw, quack quack, wee-aw wee-aw, mmmmmmmmmm, yay!’ i heard coming from his room).

it was super cute to hear and made it all the more easy to drag myself out of bed on that cold autumn morning (after I snuggled in for another five minutes to find out what happened to the duck and ambulance in the end of the story, of course). i am constantly in awe of the huge personality this little man has and the imagination he is developing – he is unlike anyone else I have ever met and i love it.



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