dear baby mama…

a colleague of mine is due with her baby boy about 2 weeks before me. she is heading off on maternity leave next week and as usually happens, a card was being passed around the office for everyone to sign. when it came to my turn to impart all the wisdom I have to offer about having a baby boy (not very much, I assure you), the one word that came to my mind was how much ‘fun’ they are.

don’t get me wrong, fun was not the word I would have used in those first few days or weeks or, heck, even months, but it sure is the word for the stage we are at now. from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep (and I mean that quite literally) thatcher is just one ball of giggling, talking, squealing, happy energy. he never sits still, he never stops and he is always getting into something – whether that be chasing the dog around, raiding the spice shelf, wearing my shoes and handbags, pulling every book he owns off the bookshelf or running laps around the house yelling ‘go’ ….. ‘stop’ and all the while cackling like an evil villain.

it’s not easy to stay in a funk with that kind of crazy going on around your ankles.

he smiles when he sees you. he offers up big bear hugs and sloppy wet kisses. he makes faces and says silly things just to make you laugh – like ‘see ya, mate’ (this came about after swimming lessons one day when out of the blue thatcher waved to one of his friends and said to her: ‘see ya, mate’. naturally we all started laughing and so he pulls it out of his repertoire quite regularly when he wants to get a laugh. all I can say is thank you rodney for that one because I certainly never call people ‘mate’) and ‘cookoo cookoo’ (thank you peppa pig). and he is always up for a laugh anytime, any place.

so, to my soon-to-be mama-of-a-baby-boy, may your son bring as much fun and laughter to your life as my son brings to mine.

^^doesnt he look beautiful with his lipstick on? luckily it was a cheapie and a relatively pale colour… ps. excuse the basket of laundry waiting to be folded in the background. with our laundry currently set up on our front porch, my bed has had to become my folding space.


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