toddler fight club


^^taking a proactive approach to self-defence^^

now, I know the first rule of fight club is to never talk about fight club, but I have never been very good at keeping secrets (just don’t hit me)…

as we do every wednesday morning, yesterday thatcher and I joined our friends down at a local baby cage fighting club park for a gossip and play. for the first hour or so it was all very standard with sand castles being built, scooters being ridden, snacks being eaten, slides being slid and swings being swung, blah blah blah, toddler heaven, blah blah blah.

but then, it started…

the first round was a bit shocking, but nothing we couldn’t deal with: thatch had followed another little boy, who was about 3, over to a tree where they looked to be playing well together, running and squealing. but then it hit me, thatcher was not running and squealing out of fun, he was actually trying to get away from this boy. unfortunately he was not fast enough and when his friend (what else is there to call him?) caught up to him he pushed thatcher over in the dirt. cue the crying and the mummies sprinting across the park. when t’s attacker refused to apologise his mum took him straight home (thanks mum, good call) and after a quick cuddle thatch was back to playing.

until about half an hour later when it was time for the main event (rod watches a lot of UFC, so please excuse my terrible fight references). again thatch was off playing with some new kids and this time there was a football involved. I don’t know what happened or what precipitated it, but out of nowhere this kid – again about 3 – just walked up to thatcher and punched him in the face (WTF?) the obligatory forced apology ensued, but during the course of the apology this same monster child decided that instead of saying ‘sorry’ the situation would be better dealt with by kicking thatcher in the shin! not only was t in shock, but so was I; I didn’t know quite how to react and decided that at that point it was probably safer to head home. so while we quickly packed up and sought safe haven in our car, the monster child was rewarded for his behaviour with a push on the swing from his mum. i guess your child won that round, but that doesn’t worry me at all – i would rather have my sweet, gentle boy any day. we just might not head back to that park in a hurry.


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