getting our yo gabba gabba on

man, sometimes life can really get away from you. all of a sudden you go to write a blog post and realise it’s been about four weeks since your last one (oops) – even then they’d been quite sporadic for the past few months – and then you realise that the little family event you wish to document actually happened three weeks ago (eeek). oh well… there’s no time like the present to start getting back on track I guess (for the next two weeks at least until baby girl makes her impending arrival).

so, on a lovely saturday afternoon three weeks ago our little family of 3.5 rocked up at the perth convention centre so see the spectacular that was ‘yo gabba gabba live’. for those that aren’t familiar with ‘gabba’, as it is known in our house, it is basically a completely psychedelic tv show created by people who I am certain were high on something more than life and aimed at preschoolers. the main characters are DJ lance (and for those interested, the ‘real’ DJ lance was in the show) and a bunch of monster toys who magically come to life and sing songs about brushing your teeth, eating your vegetables, dancing, loving everyone despite their differences, and forgiveness. i must admit that it took me a while to warm up to the tv show and i was slightly horrified by the revelation that thatcher liked it (however, my level of horror over thatch’s enjoyment of gabba is nothing compared to my ongoing disdain of his other favourite – in the night garden, do not even get me started on that turd of a show). now though, times have changed and I actually like me a bit of gabba and find some of the songs quite catchy. there’s a party in my tummy. so yummy, so yummy…

anyway, back to the show. after mandatory stops at the merch stand to stock up on t-shirts and glow sticks and at the bar for supplies, we took our seats. and all I can say is the show was amazing. as my sister described it, it was basically a toddler rave. a dark room full of flashing lights, loud music, glow sticks, bubbles and dancing and singing preschoolers. I may have even caught myself (on more than one occasion) dancing and singing along to the songs even when thatcher and rod were off in the bathroom. oopsy daisy.

suffice to say, we loved it. thatch loves wearing his gabba t-shirt and wants to wear it everyday, whenever we drive past the convention centre he asks if we are going to see gabba, the show is still a regular topic of dinner table conversation and there may still be a bit of dancing to gabba songs happening in our house on a daily basis. wiggle wiggle wiggle, go…



^^^making himself right at home on the furniture display^^^




20140628-080110-28870637.jpg^^^thatcher making a run for it. I sure am glad rod could keep up because I certainly cant^^^