my first few weeks as a mother of two

let’s not lie, the last four weeks have not been easy. i have thoroughly questioned my decision to have a second child on numerous occasions especially when thatcher has tried to crawl on my head as i fed marlow, or when i spent another long night being hit and kicked by him as he wriggled around in our bed (he has refused to sleep through the night since marlow arrived), or when he (yet again) put on his sensitive-sammy pants and burst into tears because i dared to tell him ‘no’. likewise, there have been moments that have had me seriously doubting my ability to adequately parent these little humans; like when i saw thatcher reach into marlow’s bassinet, hit her and tell her to ‘wake up and play’ with him or when he made her cry and then proceeded to cover her with a tea towel and tell me she was hiding in an effort to stop me finding out what he had done.

but in amongst those moments of insanity – and the never ending cycle of washing and folding and ironing and washing and … – i get to witness some amazing moments that simply make my heart melt. although he is not always as gentle as he should be with her, every time thatcher leans over to give marlow a kiss or a cuddle or hold her hand i am so glad that rod and i decided to ride this crazy roller coaster all over again. and when yesterday marlow started crying in the car and thatch reached his little hand out, took hold of her hand and said to her ‘it’s alright baby girl’ i knew we must be doing something right. in those long witching hours, when everyone is tired and cranky and screaming, I try to remind myself of those tender little moments because it is them that make this whole parenthood thing worth it.

now while i wait for my kids to do something sweet and melt my heart again, i’m off to do some washing…



a few photos from recent times

well things certainly have changed lately and things certainly are busy. so, whilst I drag myself out of my new-mother-of-two fog and slowly get back on top of things, here are some recent photos of the little life of our little family.



walking on sunshine

it’s so good to see I’ve really gotten on top of this blogging gig and caught up on all of my mega-overdue posts (ha, I wish…).

so, keeping true to form, a few weeks ago rod, thatcher and my brother, blair, entered the leukaemia foundation sunflower dash. it was a 3.5km sunflower themed fun run through the streets of fremantle, wa to raise money and awareness for blood cancers. this is a cause close to our hearts as in november last year my gorgeous mother was diagnosed with a blood cancer and none of our lives have been the same since.

to get into the swing of the happy, colourful, sunflower theme I went out and bought the boys sunflower crowns to wear during the run and if that wasn’t enough, their race packs also contained a stack of huge pin-on sunflowers.

as you can see, I went to town covering the boys with flowers (I couldn’t do the run myself considering I was 38+ weeks pregnant, so instead i sat at a cafe drinking coffee by the heater, whilst living vicariously through the boys running in the event). it was a super fun event to watch and next year Marlow and I will definitely be a part of it, we might even get our act together earlier than the day before the event (boys, huh?) and do some fundraising too…





happy birthday thatcher boy

happy second birthday my darling boy. you bring fun and joy to my life everyday. i am so proud of you and i love that i get to call myself your mother.

never wipe that beautiful smile of your face. never stop laughing, dancing, singing and loving life. i love you and i can’t believe it has been two whole years already.

all my love

mummy xx