walking on sunshine

it’s so good to see I’ve really gotten on top of this blogging gig and caught up on all of my mega-overdue posts (ha, I wish…).

so, keeping true to form, a few weeks ago rod, thatcher and my brother, blair, entered the leukaemia foundation sunflower dash. it was a 3.5km sunflower themed fun run through the streets of fremantle, wa to raise money and awareness for blood cancers. this is a cause close to our hearts as in november last year my gorgeous mother was diagnosed with a blood cancer and none of our lives have been the same since.

to get into the swing of the happy, colourful, sunflower theme I went out and bought the boys sunflower crowns to wear during the run and if that wasn’t enough, their race packs also contained a stack of huge pin-on sunflowers.

as you can see, I went to town covering the boys with flowers (I couldn’t do the run myself considering I was 38+ weeks pregnant, so instead i sat at a cafe drinking coffee by the heater, whilst living vicariously through the boys running in the event). it was a super fun event to watch and next year Marlow and I will definitely be a part of it, we might even get our act together earlier than the day before the event (boys, huh?) and do some fundraising too…






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