show time

in what is set to become an annual tradition in our family, last week rod and i took the kids to the perth royal show. shockingly, marlow couldn’t have cared less about the whole experience, but being the older and wiser sibling, thatcher had a blast! rather than suffer through the crowds and heat of heading to the show in the middle of the day, we decided not to go until just after 5pm and it was an amazing decision – the weather was pleasant and it was by-no-means crowded. we did miss out on seeing a few things, like the bananas in pyjamas and diving pigs (yes, you read that correctly), by visiting later in the day but the fireworks and atmosphere more than made up for it. besides, i think thatch was more than satisfied with watching the dogs compete in the agility obstacle course, riding on the carousel and seeing all the bright lights.

image^^^the train ride there is half the fun^^^
image imageimage image image

^^^coz it’s not the royal show without a random painted cow^^^

image^^^and since I managed to get a photo of a cow and not a single shot of m and i, here’s a selfie we took^^^


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