light the night 2014

on wednesday 1 october 2014, a few members of my family and some close friends of ours took part in the leukaemia foundations annual light the night walk around the perth cultural centre. to say that it was a stunning, breathtaking and emotional sight was an understatement. there would have been about one thousand people taking part in this gentle stroll around perth in the evening caring a light lantern in support of blood cancer research and seeing the blanket of lanterns stretch out around me was awesome. we all carried gold lanterns in memory of my lovely mother and others carried blue in support of the cause or white to symbolise their own battle with blood cancer. i loved taking part in this unique and touching event and am proud to say that our little team (mostly thanks to rod’s fundraising efforts) was able to donate over $1500 to blood cancer research all in memory of my mother. xx


^^killing time waiting for the sun to set and the action to start^^IMG_2919

^^it’s never to early to start a healthy obsession with selfies^^IMG_2909IMG_2918IMG_1638IMG_1637IMG_1633


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