you’re how old now?


my darling marlow, where has the time gone? you are four months old today and i simply cannot fathom that fact; it feels both like you have always been with us, yet also like you were just born yesterday.

in these past months I have watched you grow and begin to blossom. as you turn four months you have become such a little giggler, finding thatcher’s constant harassment of you wildly amusing, you never stop smiling, you have found your voice and are quite enjoying using it to make loud high-pitched squarks, you are trying desperately to sit up, you have big deep blue eyes and you have two little teeth working their darnedest to make an appearance (as I’m exceptionally slack and writing this retrospectively, i can confirm that your first tooth popped through on the 5th of november and your second on the 12th).

i have loved spending these past four months with you and i can’t wait to see what you do next.