wait, not so fast

tonight thatch had a hard time going to bed; he had a hard time winding down and he had a hard time falling asleep. when i realised that the only way i was going to get him to sleep was to lay down with him, i am ashamed to say i rolled my eyes a little bit, mentally grunted and thought ‘here we go… hopefully he falls asleep quickly’.

half an hour later he was still wriggling around, talking and just generally trying to get out of bed and i was still right there beside him, wishing he’d just hurry up and go to sleep already. but why was i in such a hurry to get out of there? was i that desperate to do the dishes or the washing or watch some (no doubt) terrible television show? the truth is i had nowhere else to be and he will only be little for such a short time. soon enough he won’t want me to lay beside him as he falls asleep. soon enough he won’t let me to stroke his head as he tries to wind down after an exciting day. soon enough he won’t want to hold my hand and gently rest his fist against my cheek as we talk about our day. soon enough he won’t need me at all.

so, for now, i’ll settle in next to him and hope it takes him forever to fall asleep.


One thought on “wait, not so fast

  1. Yes! Enjoy these moments. The dishes can wait. He is growing before your eyes. This is why i also let Ale sleep with me at night. There will come a time he won’t suddenly appear at 3am. And i will miss him terribly.

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