fringe world 2015…


… bringing bangs back to the good people of perth (see what i did there? clever, huh?)

i love this time of year – the perth fringe festival. one month-ish of art, comedy, theatre, music and all things just a little bit different held at various venues throughout the city. walking around perth during the fringe festival there is so much life. there are people everywhere, music blearing out of speakers in strange places (yes, music is coming from that empty lecture theatre at 11pm. yes, there is a pop-up bar on that random rooftop) and it makes me excited to live in perth.

rod and i have spent the last two weekends partaking in this year’s fringe world offerings. firstly we saw cam knight’s hilarious comedy show ‘one hundred percenter’. i love a comedian who can think on his toes and takes everything the audience throws at him in his stride. in fact i think more of the show was improv about the audience than was actually his regular routine. gold.

but, by far the best fringe show EVER in my opinion was the genius that is ‘hot dub time machine’. this was basically a dance party held on the rooftop of a parking garage in perth city with the skyline as the backdrop. the music started in the 1950s and over the next 3 hours i was dragged, dancing and singing, through all of the hits of their time in chronological order. elvis? yes. the beatles? yes. the rolling stones? yes. whitney houston? yes. pearl jam? yes. spice girls? yes. backstreet boys? NO – don’t remind me of the despair that overcame me when the ’90s were over and backstreet had not come back. and on and on through all of the hits of today. it was amazing fun, such a workout and something i want to do every weekend.

actually, rod if you’re reading this (who am i kidding, you are the only person reading this and that is only because i make you), i may or may not be having a milestone birthday this year and if you love me you’ll throw me a hot dub time machine party!

so, if you’re around perth over the next week or so with nothing to do for an hour or two make sure you take in a show and enjoy the best of what perth has to offer.

(ps. i apologise for the quality of these photos. we were having way too much fun)


^^silent disco anyone? yes please^^IMG_3996IMG_3987


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