week nine

man, oh man has this blog ever come into a state of disarray. i’m a mere three months behind in my 52 project posts, but thankfully i have still been my usual snap-happy-self over this time, so i have a lot of pictures to catch-up with. let us all just pretend that my two masters research papers didn’t happen and that i have consistently given this blog the attention it deserves and pick right up where we left off shall we?

so, week nine. 2-8 March 2015. what happened this week? that’s right, marlow is now 8 months old and desperately wanting to crawl and thatcher is an absolute fish! that boy can swim like a champion – put googles on him and he will go until he runs out of air and even then he just pops his head up, takes a breath and dives right back under the water – i’ve just got to get him to start using his arms and breathing on his own and we’ll have a young ian thorpe (was going to say michael phelps, but thought i’d better pick an australian example) in the making!


thatcher: ‘watch me jump mum. did you see me?’

marlow: ‘just make sure you don’t jump on me you cheeky brother’.

week 9 / the 52 project

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