feeling just a little bit lucky…

… and a lot old!

when i was twelve years old, my world revolved around the backstreet boys and i was convinced i was going to one day be, mrs nick. carter (insert lovey-eyes here). flash-forward seventeen years and not only have my backstreet boys cds been left unplayed for the better part of a decade and a half, but i can’t even remember all of the bsb’s names – some fan i am.

anyway, when it was announced the backstreet boys were coming to perth to perform my girlfriends and i (all of whom incidentally were once equally convinced that they too would marry nick carter) just had to go and relive our innocent youth. my mum always told me that if i couldn’t say anything night i shouldn’t say anything at all, so i’ll keep my comments on the actual concert short. firstly boys, no-one bought tickets to your concert to hear your new music. sorry, but we were all there to bring backstreet back and i wanted it that way (ha ha, see what i did there…); and secondly, no matter how hot you all were twenty years ago, now that we are all grown-up, there was something intensely awkward about watching 45-year-old men stand up on stage and shimmy their hips like they used to in the old days. let’s just say that by the end of the night my cheeks were aching from all the laughing.

but before our night of awkward, middle-aged shimmying, the girls and i hit up the new kid on the northbridge block – lucky chan’s laundry and noodle bar. i. love. this. place. the cocktails? amazing. the food? to die for. the atmosphere? so much fun. and to top it all off, on our way out we discovered there is a rooftop bar upstairs. we will so totally be back soon. any place that is hidden away behind the facade of an old laundry shop and sells gorgeous, crispy, glutenous, juicy pork belly and oriental cocktails holds a very important place in my heart (and, more importantly, in my stomach).


^^the sneaky little laundry facade^^


^^complete with waving kitty cats^^


^^why yes, little piggy, i think i will partake in one of your glorious beverages or two or four…^^


^^funky little personalised fortune cookies. an sweet little touch to finish off a great meal^^


fringe world 2015…


… bringing bangs back to the good people of perth (see what i did there? clever, huh?)

i love this time of year – the perth fringe festival. one month-ish of art, comedy, theatre, music and all things just a little bit different held at various venues throughout the city. walking around perth during the fringe festival there is so much life. there are people everywhere, music blearing out of speakers in strange places (yes, music is coming from that empty lecture theatre at 11pm. yes, there is a pop-up bar on that random rooftop) and it makes me excited to live in perth.

rod and i have spent the last two weekends partaking in this year’s fringe world offerings. firstly we saw cam knight’s hilarious comedy show ‘one hundred percenter’. i love a comedian who can think on his toes and takes everything the audience throws at him in his stride. in fact i think more of the show was improv about the audience than was actually his regular routine. gold.

but, by far the best fringe show EVER in my opinion was the genius that is ‘hot dub time machine’. this was basically a dance party held on the rooftop of a parking garage in perth city with the skyline as the backdrop. the music started in the 1950s and over the next 3 hours i was dragged, dancing and singing, through all of the hits of their time in chronological order. elvis? yes. the beatles? yes. the rolling stones? yes. whitney houston? yes. pearl jam? yes. spice girls? yes. backstreet boys? NO – don’t remind me of the despair that overcame me when the ’90s were over and backstreet had not come back. and on and on through all of the hits of today. it was amazing fun, such a workout and something i want to do every weekend.

actually, rod if you’re reading this (who am i kidding, you are the only person reading this and that is only because i make you), i may or may not be having a milestone birthday this year and if you love me you’ll throw me a hot dub time machine party!

so, if you’re around perth over the next week or so with nothing to do for an hour or two make sure you take in a show and enjoy the best of what perth has to offer.

(ps. i apologise for the quality of these photos. we were having way too much fun)


^^silent disco anyone? yes please^^IMG_3996IMG_3987

shave and a hair cut

i am always on the lookout for the holy grail of children’s hairdressers – a barber who is patient and polite and calm. a hairdresser who is fast and gentle and efficient. a salon equipped with enough distraction to keep my rambunctious toddler occupied for long enough that his entire head full of hair could be cut. so far this search has taken me far and wide across the city with no ‘haircut heaven’ in sight. until last week…

until now, getting thatcher’s hair cut was one of those tasks i dreaded and consequently put off until the poor child had to start tilting his head back just to be able to see past his fringe. the reason for this being that without fail, every time he would have a meltdown halfway through the cut. every time we would have to take a time out to go and get a drink or a snack with a half-cut head of hair. every time i would spend the entire hair cut trying to distract thatcher from turning his head, grabbing the scissors, spraying the hairdresser with water, crying or anything else had may choose to do on the day. and every time he would end up with a less-than great hair style as a result :(

but last week we tried roll n dice barbershop in canning vale and things weren’t so bad. for $25 thatch got to sit in either an army jeep, plane or police car, watch movies, eat popcorn, drink strawberry milk and have his hair cut. he even got a lollipop and lucky dip at the end of it all! it was still by no means a relaxing experience (and the fact that I couldn’t make an appointment – just had to rock up and wait my turn did not help as it meant that thatch was a little bit over it all before she even made the first cut), but it was the best I have come across so far and I have no doubt we will be back soon; even if it is half-an-hour away. ooh, maybe rod can take him next time…


^^he just couldn’t wait to get in there. he maybe even had a ride in all three of the cars/planes while we waited^^IMG_2972IMG_2980IMG_2981IMG_2982

^^the finished product; all waxed up and looking suave^^

show time

in what is set to become an annual tradition in our family, last week rod and i took the kids to the perth royal show. shockingly, marlow couldn’t have cared less about the whole experience, but being the older and wiser sibling, thatcher had a blast! rather than suffer through the crowds and heat of heading to the show in the middle of the day, we decided not to go until just after 5pm and it was an amazing decision – the weather was pleasant and it was by-no-means crowded. we did miss out on seeing a few things, like the bananas in pyjamas and diving pigs (yes, you read that correctly), by visiting later in the day but the fireworks and atmosphere more than made up for it. besides, i think thatch was more than satisfied with watching the dogs compete in the agility obstacle course, riding on the carousel and seeing all the bright lights.

image^^^the train ride there is half the fun^^^
image imageimage image image

^^^coz it’s not the royal show without a random painted cow^^^

image^^^and since I managed to get a photo of a cow and not a single shot of m and i, here’s a selfie we took^^^

just another trip to the zoo

how to adequately follow-up from my last post? the truth is, i can’t; nothing will ever be worthy. but at some point i need to climb back in that proverbial horse and keep on writing, and what better place to start than thatcher’s favourite outing – the perth zoo.



every time we visit the zoo there is something new to see and some new close encounter to be had. after our usual trek through the ‘African savannah’ to visit the rhinos, lions, zebras and meerkats, thatcher decided he wanted to see the birds and what a good decision it was. i think the birds were even more even more besotted with thatcher than he was with them. more than one bird came right down to thatchy’s eye level and every time we tried to leave the enclosure they would screech until thatchy came back. it was a little intense at first, but quite an experience.











and just when we thought our visit couldn’t get any better, we stumbled across the gorgeous old perth zoo carousel hiding amongst the trees by the cafe. for just $5 thatcher had a delightfully charming ride on a beautiful old horse. I didn’t even know there was one of these carousels in perth and I had just as much fun watching him ’round and ’round as he did. joy!







ps. sorry for all the photos, it was just too beautiful of a day…

walking on sunshine

it’s so good to see I’ve really gotten on top of this blogging gig and caught up on all of my mega-overdue posts (ha, I wish…).

so, keeping true to form, a few weeks ago rod, thatcher and my brother, blair, entered the leukaemia foundation sunflower dash. it was a 3.5km sunflower themed fun run through the streets of fremantle, wa to raise money and awareness for blood cancers. this is a cause close to our hearts as in november last year my gorgeous mother was diagnosed with a blood cancer and none of our lives have been the same since.

to get into the swing of the happy, colourful, sunflower theme I went out and bought the boys sunflower crowns to wear during the run and if that wasn’t enough, their race packs also contained a stack of huge pin-on sunflowers.

as you can see, I went to town covering the boys with flowers (I couldn’t do the run myself considering I was 38+ weeks pregnant, so instead i sat at a cafe drinking coffee by the heater, whilst living vicariously through the boys running in the event). it was a super fun event to watch and next year Marlow and I will definitely be a part of it, we might even get our act together earlier than the day before the event (boys, huh?) and do some fundraising too…





getting our yo gabba gabba on

man, sometimes life can really get away from you. all of a sudden you go to write a blog post and realise it’s been about four weeks since your last one (oops) – even then they’d been quite sporadic for the past few months – and then you realise that the little family event you wish to document actually happened three weeks ago (eeek). oh well… there’s no time like the present to start getting back on track I guess (for the next two weeks at least until baby girl makes her impending arrival).

so, on a lovely saturday afternoon three weeks ago our little family of 3.5 rocked up at the perth convention centre so see the spectacular that was ‘yo gabba gabba live’. for those that aren’t familiar with ‘gabba’, as it is known in our house, it is basically a completely psychedelic tv show created by people who I am certain were high on something more than life and aimed at preschoolers. the main characters are DJ lance (and for those interested, the ‘real’ DJ lance was in the show) and a bunch of monster toys who magically come to life and sing songs about brushing your teeth, eating your vegetables, dancing, loving everyone despite their differences, and forgiveness. i must admit that it took me a while to warm up to the tv show and i was slightly horrified by the revelation that thatcher liked it (however, my level of horror over thatch’s enjoyment of gabba is nothing compared to my ongoing disdain of his other favourite – in the night garden, do not even get me started on that turd of a show). now though, times have changed and I actually like me a bit of gabba and find some of the songs quite catchy. there’s a party in my tummy. so yummy, so yummy…

anyway, back to the show. after mandatory stops at the merch stand to stock up on t-shirts and glow sticks and at the bar for supplies, we took our seats. and all I can say is the show was amazing. as my sister described it, it was basically a toddler rave. a dark room full of flashing lights, loud music, glow sticks, bubbles and dancing and singing preschoolers. I may have even caught myself (on more than one occasion) dancing and singing along to the songs even when thatcher and rod were off in the bathroom. oopsy daisy.

suffice to say, we loved it. thatch loves wearing his gabba t-shirt and wants to wear it everyday, whenever we drive past the convention centre he asks if we are going to see gabba, the show is still a regular topic of dinner table conversation and there may still be a bit of dancing to gabba songs happening in our house on a daily basis. wiggle wiggle wiggle, go…



^^^making himself right at home on the furniture display^^^




20140628-080110-28870637.jpg^^^thatcher making a run for it. I sure am glad rod could keep up because I certainly cant^^^



toddler fight club


^^taking a proactive approach to self-defence^^

now, I know the first rule of fight club is to never talk about fight club, but I have never been very good at keeping secrets (just don’t hit me)…

as we do every wednesday morning, yesterday thatcher and I joined our friends down at a local baby cage fighting club park for a gossip and play. for the first hour or so it was all very standard with sand castles being built, scooters being ridden, snacks being eaten, slides being slid and swings being swung, blah blah blah, toddler heaven, blah blah blah.

but then, it started…

the first round was a bit shocking, but nothing we couldn’t deal with: thatch had followed another little boy, who was about 3, over to a tree where they looked to be playing well together, running and squealing. but then it hit me, thatcher was not running and squealing out of fun, he was actually trying to get away from this boy. unfortunately he was not fast enough and when his friend (what else is there to call him?) caught up to him he pushed thatcher over in the dirt. cue the crying and the mummies sprinting across the park. when t’s attacker refused to apologise his mum took him straight home (thanks mum, good call) and after a quick cuddle thatch was back to playing.

until about half an hour later when it was time for the main event (rod watches a lot of UFC, so please excuse my terrible fight references). again thatch was off playing with some new kids and this time there was a football involved. I don’t know what happened or what precipitated it, but out of nowhere this kid – again about 3 – just walked up to thatcher and punched him in the face (WTF?) the obligatory forced apology ensued, but during the course of the apology this same monster child decided that instead of saying ‘sorry’ the situation would be better dealt with by kicking thatcher in the shin! not only was t in shock, but so was I; I didn’t know quite how to react and decided that at that point it was probably safer to head home. so while we quickly packed up and sought safe haven in our car, the monster child was rewarded for his behaviour with a push on the swing from his mum. i guess your child won that round, but that doesn’t worry me at all – i would rather have my sweet, gentle boy any day. we just might not head back to that park in a hurry.

we’re going on an egg hunt

…or two!

this Easter thatch was lucky enough to get to go on two Easter egg hunts, which was probably a good thing as t did spend much of the first hunt chasing after ducks and watching the guys on the ride-on lawn mowers rather than hunting for (and eating) the eggs; it also meant that rod was lucky enough to come along to one of them too which is always nice.

it was so cute seeing t and his little friends light up with delight as they stumbled across the hidden eggs, especially once they worked out what they were. i loved getting to see these little people get into the spirit of the season and actually participate in the celebrations. we are so doing this again next year!

image image image image image image image image image image^^love that look on his face when he has just spotted an egg^^
image image image image^^there is always time for a play^^

we’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. how about you, you, you…

in an effort to make up for my last ‘bad mummy’ visit to the zoo where i forgot to take even one photo, i came prepared this time, with the good camera and a spare battery. pity for this bad mummy that neither of the batteries had any charge whatsoever and all i could do was lug the camera around and take happy snaps with the iPhone. the animals were really putting on a show too and it was a shame i couldn’t take some better quality snaps, but alas these will have to do…

IMG_1948 IMG_1943

^^the meerkats are always a favourite and today we were super lucky enough to see their new little babies^^

^^the lion took a liking to T. luckily we were informed he had just been fed^^IMG_1872 IMG_1864 IMG_1856 IMG_1852

for those of you with a keen eye, who are thinking to yourself ‘hey, that kid is wearing two different outfits’, you are very correct. one of the best decisions i made was to invest in a one year Perth zoo friends membership which gives T and I unlimited entries to the zoo for one year for only $85. At $24.50 a pop to visit the zoo, we have made our money back in just over a month – we may even have been twice this week (hence the outfit change).