diary of a renovation rookie: phase two

now that I can finally have a shower in my own home again (winning…), the time has come to farewell the back part of our cottage for greener and more open plan pastures.

^^the bathroom – it still needs a coat of paint, but at least it’s functional and man-oh-man is that bath ever nice^^

this week’s mammoth tasks have been ripping up the concrete out the back of our house where the new patch of luscious green lawn will go (do not judge the not-so-green lawn, if you can call it that, in the pictures as we new it was going). t was so cute out there wearing his little work boots and earmuffs watching his daddy and nonno with the jack hammer – we only stayed for a minute or two though before we decided our efforts were better spent in doing some baking rather than just being spectators. we also saw a Berlin Wall of sorts go up in the middle of our dining room to separate most of our house from the work, we saw the back of our old asbestos ceiling (yay) and we saw the wall come down between our dining room and t’s old playroom.





still to come, the old external wall will be knocked down and a gorgeous new light and bright extension will go in, our laundry and second toilet will get a facelift as will t’s new bedroom/man cavestudy (exactly what this room will be is a constant source of contention between rod and I at the moment). can’t hardly wait to see the finished product!!!


diary of a renovation rookie: the bathroom, ten days in

IMG_2075ten days in and you could be mistaken for thinking that very little work has actually been done (heck, i was). i mean other than having a concrete floor, a fresh ceiling and a toilet resting in its place very little has changed and i still feels miles away from actually being able to shower in my own home – I am however assured that we should all be finished early nest week so here’s hoping. in the meantime we have had a few minor conundrums; on saturday afternoon i (true to form) had a crisis of confidence and decided that the grey tiles we had purchased for the bathroom were too dark and would make the room seem tiny. of course, this revelation was made after the tile store had closed for the weekend so i was left to stew in my juices for two days before i could even get in to see if there was a lighter grey option or whether it wall all a moot point (luckily there was and luckily i sweet talked my way into an exchange).

the builder then broke it to me on wednesday that he thought that the toilet in the bathroom should go as it’ll get wet when we have a shower. firstly, having a second toilet was a non-negotiable for me – we only have one bathroom so we need two toilets – and i promptly advised him of such. secondly, i’m not sure about you, but the aim of the boys in my house cannot always be relied on and a daily wash down of the toilet is not such a bad thing… ps. i also think he was over exaggerating a bit and i doubt the toilet is actually going to get wet every time we take a shower.

let’s hope that the tiles go in this weekend without a hitch and i can lounge back in my glorious bath by this time next week.

diary of a renovation rookie: the bathroom, day one


^^^thanks for the pic, roddy^^^

there is no going back from here. i knew demolition was going on in our bathroom today while i was working but I was so totally not expecting quite this level of demolition – I mean, we literally have no floor!!!!! and the room now seems so small; it is roughly 2m x 3m but when I opened the door this afternoon it seemed little more than a broom closet.

luckily for me I’m away for work for the rest of the week (glamourous meekatharra here I come) and one can hope that I ought to at least have a shower in my hotel room so it is rod who’s staying here to supervise and hold the fort who will really struggle with this lack of a bathroom – lucky the gym isn’t too far away. even thatch has put in for a temporary transfer to another office (aka nanny and nonno’s house) for the week. hopefully the worst of it will be over and the dust (oh the dust and it’s only day one) will have settled by the time we get home.

on the upside we managed to find a bath and the people were nice enough to sell us the floor stock so we can pick it up ASAP. it is costing us extra $$$$ for this bath though and now we just have to sort out the logistics of how to get a 150kg bath home. the stress never ends…

diary of a renovation rookie: planning the bathroom

just in case we didn’t already have enough on our plates between our vivacious toddler, our impending arrival, rod’s ever-more-demanding job, my job, this blog and my masters, rod and i have fallen victim to the need to ‘nest’ and decided to renovate out 100 year old cottage. we couldn’t have picked a better time for it if we tried.

initially we thought that things would start rolling ASAP and we would be moving back into our light, spacious and modern extension (with new bathroom and laundry, ahhh) in early june, giving us about a month to get organised before baby girl arrives. as all best laid plans do, this one has fallen by the wayside and i think we will be lucky to have a house free of workmen by the time we are ready to bring baby home… it really does not take much for things to be delayed by a week and a week here and there adds up to a month and we all know what is due to happen in 3.5 months!

nevermind though, it is all out of my control and i have no doubt it’ll all be worth it in the end (and luckily for us we have l’hotel de mum and dad only 30 minutes away where there is always a room for us).

so stage one of the renovations is the bathroom. our old bathroom is pretty boring, tacky, tired, basic, and any number of other adjectives (adjectives are describing words, right?). It is basically a very old inbuilt bath with chipping paint which was not so skilfully and carefully painted over with white paint by the previous owners – I question their attention to detail given the fact that there is more than just a little bit of sand painted into the bottom of the bathtub – comfy. the white paint hasn’t stopped there and the (i assume tacky green and mustard 1960s-1970s era) tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom have also received a coat of tile paint. i do not think this product is designed for use on floor tiles as the tiles (or rather the paint) is covered in scratches which means that even 2 seconds after I have mopped the floor it looks filthy. we then have an el cheapo vanity which was no doubt thrown into the bathroom for the purpose of sale and a very basic mirror which isn’t even over the sink. sounds lovely, huh???

well, all of this is about to change, for in less than 2 weeks we get to take to this chamber of ewwww with a sledgehammer and from the rubble our bathroom butterfly shall be born. in our long and narrow bathroom (rough dimensions are 1.8m x 3.0m with a window in the middle of one long wall and a door in the middle of the other) we are planning to fit a gorgeous modern free standing bathtub, a toilet (joy, our house will finally have a second toilet), a vanity and a wet shower (as in one of those ones that is just a shower screen with no door). and the piece de resistance – the feature tile wall behind the shower and toilet. here are a few pics of what we have planned:

image^^our vanity^^

image^^our bathtub^^

20140318-194736.jpg^^our tiles: grey for the floor and three walls and white for the feature wall^^

it may have taken us a good 2 weeks of dragging thatcher around from tile shop to tile shop and bathroom shop to bathroom shop to reach this point, but im so excited to be doing this and I can’t wait to see the finished product.