week twenty-six

half way there – yay!


Thatcher: and on the topic of birthdays, this is my boy’s last week as a two-year-old. he is growing up so so fast. the lucky devil had his birthday party this weekend, complete with performance from every toddler’s favourite musicians – rock’n’toddle, and a chuggington cake lovingly hand made by aunty ra-ra. toddler heaven!

Marlow: this week was a big week in our house – marlow turned to the big O-N-E! happy birthday baby girl xx. her christening and birthday party are next week, but we slipped in a little family dinner, complete with mini birthday cake for the birthday girl which she absolutely devoured (…and loved every minute of it).  her birthday cake was a sweet and salty layer cake for those of you playing at home.


week 26/ the 52 project


week twenty-three

DSC_0196 2DSC_0201 2

Marlow: she really isn’t  baby anymore – i think we’ve officially entered toddlerhood. waaaa (actually, for me it’s more of a yay since i think toddlers are much more fun than babies anyway)….

Thatcher: my little sous chef. he just loves the kitchen and anytime there is some measuring or stirring to be done, i can count on mr t to jump right on in there and do and amazing(ly messy) job.


week 23/ the 52 project

week four


thatcher: love at first bite – whilst grandpa was here, thatcher discovered the joy that is mr whippy (for those of you not familiar with this australian childhood favourite, it is an ice-cream truck that drives around the streets in summer playing greensleeves at high volumes so that the kids can hear it coming and have time to beg their parents for some money).

marlow: not quite love at first bite, but she got there in the end. for the last week or so marrow has been obsessed with solids and we just can’t fill her up. a corn cob (pre-eaten by thatcher) kept her busy for quite a while though…

family fun time

we have had a rough couple of weeks this little family of ours; we have experienced the euphoric highs of good news and the devastating lows of bad news and here we are still together and getting stronger by the day.

i am the first person to admit that i am a worrier. i do not cope well with stress and spend a good chunk of my life being frazzled and overwhelmed, but that isn’t really a luxury I can afford to have now that I have T in my life and luckily for me, within seconds of seeing his smiling cheeky face, he manages to pull me out of my funk and remind me to live in the moment and enjoy life no matter what gets thrown my way.

oh, my little darling, sorry for not taking as many photos of you as I should have over the past month, but I know you’ll understand (and in the meantime, hopefully getting to lick the last of the icing out of the bowl and visiting Santaland will make up for it in some small way).

image image image

an afternoon at the show

the last time i went to the perth royal show I think I was about 8 years old and the whole thing revolved around lollies, rides, show bags and trying my hardest to get someone to win me one of those giant stuffed toys. after quite a bit of coaxing from rod (culminating with him playing the T card – “you know he will love it”) we decided to spend our friday at the show.

i’m afraid i have to admit that i may have been wrong and my reluctance to go to the show was unfounded. we had a wonderful afternoon out as a family, even if it was the only day this week when it hasn’t been gloriously sunny!

we enjoyed all that delicious and artery-clogging fairground food – chips, candy, chocolate, Dagwood dogs, fairy floss, doughnuts and slushies. we bought our fair share of show bags. we watched a man fly with a rocket pack and the dressage competition and a sheep dog trial. we saw (but much to my disgust did not get to taste) all the winning cakes and biscuits. we playing with the baby animals in the petting zoo and had our photo taken with a baby goat. we (read: rod) played some games and won some stuffed toys on sideshow alley. T got to dig for potatoes (and may have had a very public meltdown when it came time to leave) and we even got to see a peppa pig show. what more could you want?!?

and really, if we had taken our own picnic lunch and steered clear of the show bags it would have been a relatively cheap family day out!