week twenty-six

half way there – yay!


Thatcher: and on the topic of birthdays, this is my boy’s last week as a two-year-old. he is growing up so so fast. the lucky devil had his birthday party this weekend, complete with performance from every toddler’s favourite musicians – rock’n’toddle, and a chuggington cake lovingly hand made by aunty ra-ra. toddler heaven!

Marlow: this week was a big week in our house – marlow turned to the big O-N-E! happy birthday baby girl xx. her christening and birthday party are next week, but we slipped in a little family dinner, complete with mini birthday cake for the birthday girl which she absolutely devoured (…and loved every minute of it).  her birthday cake was a sweet and salty layer cake for those of you playing at home.


week 26/ the 52 project


week twenty-four

marlow: baby’s first birthday party. and…. she loved every minute of it!

thatcher: this one loves a bit of birthday party action too, but what’s not to love – cake, treats, dancing, toys, singing and friends. winning.


week 24/ the 52 project

week twelve

rod was in las vegas this week (for totally legitimate and vitally important work purposes he assures me) so it was just me and the littles all week. there were giggles all-round, there were tears all-round, there were smiles all-round and there was at least one break-down for all parties concerned. but here we are, we all made it out the other side to tell the tale (and the scars should begin to fade in time).

DSC_0715 DSC_0735

thatcher: man, does this kid ever love brushing his teeth. this is his ‘freshly-brushed teeth’ face.

marlow: stormy one minute, serene the next. always keeping me on my toes, this one.

week 12 / the 52 project

week nine

man, oh man has this blog ever come into a state of disarray. i’m a mere three months behind in my 52 project posts, but thankfully i have still been my usual snap-happy-self over this time, so i have a lot of pictures to catch-up with. let us all just pretend that my two masters research papers didn’t happen and that i have consistently given this blog the attention it deserves and pick right up where we left off shall we?

so, week nine. 2-8 March 2015. what happened this week? that’s right, marlow is now 8 months old and desperately wanting to crawl and thatcher is an absolute fish! that boy can swim like a champion – put googles on him and he will go until he runs out of air and even then he just pops his head up, takes a breath and dives right back under the water – i’ve just got to get him to start using his arms and breathing on his own and we’ll have a young ian thorpe (was going to say michael phelps, but thought i’d better pick an australian example) in the making!


thatcher: ‘watch me jump mum. did you see me?’

marlow: ‘just make sure you don’t jump on me you cheeky brother’.

week 9 / the 52 project

goodbye mummy

today was by far the hardest day of my life so far. today was the day I buried my beautiful mother.

for nine months she battled and fought against an insidious disease which slowly poisoned her blood and destroyed her body. it must have broken her heart these past six weeks to sit by and watch her sweet baby granddaughters come into the world and to not be able to be the hands on grandmother she wanted to be. when thatcher was born, she was right there with me the whole time. when I came home from hospital, there she was looking after us and cuddling him every minute of every day. and i know that that is what she wanted to do for izzy and marlow, but she just couldn’t; her body failed her and she hated it.

mum lived for her family. we were the centre of her universe and she was there for us whenever we needed her, no matter the time of day (or night) or the size of the problem at hand. for this, you were and will always be loved by many. i promise that you will always be a strong presence in the lives of my children and I just hope that I can be as good of a mother as you were.

as hard as today was for all of us i know that you left us in the best way you possibly could have – quickly, quietly and peacefully in bed next to the love of your life. you left the world with the same dignity and grace with which you lived your life and for that i am grateful.

your passing shocked me and i made rod repeat himself three times before i would let myself believe that you were actually gone; i mean, i’d only seen you the night before! i will always treasure that last night i spent with you and especially the way thatcher took himself up to see you in bed before we left to give you a kiss and gently wish you ‘night night Nanni’ and then the way as he left your room he turned back towards the door and said ‘i love you Nanni. i love you Nanni.’ (one of these days I will actually be able to get through that story without bursting into tears).

you were a very very special woman and will be missed by many.

so mum, in your honour, after complaining that you made us the same chocolate cake in our school lunches everyday for twelve years, when it came to catering for today there was only one thing all four of us kids wanted – your boiled chocolate cake. mine definitely wasn’t as good as yours and I don’t think it ever will be, but with at least twelve years of practice ahead of me, making it for thatch and marlow’s school lunches, hopefully one day i’ll get close.

i love you mummy. i pray that now you are no longer burdened by your body and are free to do everything you want to. and don’t worry, we will look after dad for you. xx


my first few weeks as a mother of two

let’s not lie, the last four weeks have not been easy. i have thoroughly questioned my decision to have a second child on numerous occasions especially when thatcher has tried to crawl on my head as i fed marlow, or when i spent another long night being hit and kicked by him as he wriggled around in our bed (he has refused to sleep through the night since marlow arrived), or when he (yet again) put on his sensitive-sammy pants and burst into tears because i dared to tell him ‘no’. likewise, there have been moments that have had me seriously doubting my ability to adequately parent these little humans; like when i saw thatcher reach into marlow’s bassinet, hit her and tell her to ‘wake up and play’ with him or when he made her cry and then proceeded to cover her with a tea towel and tell me she was hiding in an effort to stop me finding out what he had done.

but in amongst those moments of insanity – and the never ending cycle of washing and folding and ironing and washing and … – i get to witness some amazing moments that simply make my heart melt. although he is not always as gentle as he should be with her, every time thatcher leans over to give marlow a kiss or a cuddle or hold her hand i am so glad that rod and i decided to ride this crazy roller coaster all over again. and when yesterday marlow started crying in the car and thatch reached his little hand out, took hold of her hand and said to her ‘it’s alright baby girl’ i knew we must be doing something right. in those long witching hours, when everyone is tired and cranky and screaming, I try to remind myself of those tender little moments because it is them that make this whole parenthood thing worth it.

now while i wait for my kids to do something sweet and melt my heart again, i’m off to do some washing…


happy birthday thatcher boy

happy second birthday my darling boy. you bring fun and joy to my life everyday. i am so proud of you and i love that i get to call myself your mother.

never wipe that beautiful smile of your face. never stop laughing, dancing, singing and loving life. i love you and i can’t believe it has been two whole years already.

all my love

mummy xx


dear baby mama…

a colleague of mine is due with her baby boy about 2 weeks before me. she is heading off on maternity leave next week and as usually happens, a card was being passed around the office for everyone to sign. when it came to my turn to impart all the wisdom I have to offer about having a baby boy (not very much, I assure you), the one word that came to my mind was how much ‘fun’ they are.

don’t get me wrong, fun was not the word I would have used in those first few days or weeks or, heck, even months, but it sure is the word for the stage we are at now. from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep (and I mean that quite literally) thatcher is just one ball of giggling, talking, squealing, happy energy. he never sits still, he never stops and he is always getting into something – whether that be chasing the dog around, raiding the spice shelf, wearing my shoes and handbags, pulling every book he owns off the bookshelf or running laps around the house yelling ‘go’ ….. ‘stop’ and all the while cackling like an evil villain.

it’s not easy to stay in a funk with that kind of crazy going on around your ankles.

he smiles when he sees you. he offers up big bear hugs and sloppy wet kisses. he makes faces and says silly things just to make you laugh – like ‘see ya, mate’ (this came about after swimming lessons one day when out of the blue thatcher waved to one of his friends and said to her: ‘see ya, mate’. naturally we all started laughing and so he pulls it out of his repertoire quite regularly when he wants to get a laugh. all I can say is thank you rodney for that one because I certainly never call people ‘mate’) and ‘cookoo cookoo’ (thank you peppa pig). and he is always up for a laugh anytime, any place.

so, to my soon-to-be mama-of-a-baby-boy, may your son bring as much fun and laughter to your life as my son brings to mine.

^^doesnt he look beautiful with his lipstick on? luckily it was a cheapie and a relatively pale colour… ps. excuse the basket of laundry waiting to be folded in the background. with our laundry currently set up on our front porch, my bed has had to become my folding space.