week twenty-two


thatcher: rod may have a bit of an unfair advantage in this wrestling match!

marlow: ‘you expect me to share my sandwich with a duck? you have got to be kidding’


week 22/ the 52 project


week twenty



thatcher: yay for the cupcakes. my boy and i had a free hour this week and what better way to spend than going on a mummy-thatchy date to the cupcake shop. we love sherbet bakehouse around here, and just as luck would have it, thatch got there just in time to score the last vanilla raspberry cupcake, his favourite!

marlow: this girl is just in awe of her big brother – she is his little shadow (albeit a shadow that has only just started crawling)


week 20/the 52 project.

week nineteen


marlow: clearly the girl does not suffer fools (or brothers) well. it’s a little too early for this amount of attitude, surely?!?

thatcher: in the latest instalment of the arnold family’s parklife adventures, we have discovered our new favourite park – john oldham reserve in the middle of the city. this park, complete with giant slide is literally hidden in  little oasis between the the freeway and equally busy city streets. who would’ve thunk it. i really love perth sometimes…


week 19/the 52 project

wait, not so fast

tonight thatch had a hard time going to bed; he had a hard time winding down and he had a hard time falling asleep. when i realised that the only way i was going to get him to sleep was to lay down with him, i am ashamed to say i rolled my eyes a little bit, mentally grunted and thought ‘here we go… hopefully he falls asleep quickly’.

half an hour later he was still wriggling around, talking and just generally trying to get out of bed and i was still right there beside him, wishing he’d just hurry up and go to sleep already. but why was i in such a hurry to get out of there? was i that desperate to do the dishes or the washing or watch some (no doubt) terrible television show? the truth is i had nowhere else to be and he will only be little for such a short time. soon enough he won’t want me to lay beside him as he falls asleep. soon enough he won’t let me to stroke his head as he tries to wind down after an exciting day. soon enough he won’t want to hold my hand and gently rest his fist against my cheek as we talk about our day. soon enough he won’t need me at all.

so, for now, i’ll settle in next to him and hope it takes him forever to fall asleep.

you’re how old now?


my darling marlow, where has the time gone? you are four months old today and i simply cannot fathom that fact; it feels both like you have always been with us, yet also like you were just born yesterday.

in these past months I have watched you grow and begin to blossom. as you turn four months you have become such a little giggler, finding thatcher’s constant harassment of you wildly amusing, you never stop smiling, you have found your voice and are quite enjoying using it to make loud high-pitched squarks, you are trying desperately to sit up, you have big deep blue eyes and you have two little teeth working their darnedest to make an appearance (as I’m exceptionally slack and writing this retrospectively, i can confirm that your first tooth popped through on the 5th of november and your second on the 12th).

i have loved spending these past four months with you and i can’t wait to see what you do next.


family fun time

sometime soon, i’m sure i will get on top of things and start catching up with my blogging, but in the meantime, here is a little snippet of the life and times of our little family over the past few weeks.

and yes, i do maybe have a little obsession with bow ties…Processed with MoldivProcessed with MoldivProcessed with MoldivProcessed with Moldiv

ps. please excuse the state of t’s face in the last photos – our backyard is currently a dust bowl whilst we wait to have new lawn laid and he just cannot resist getting out there and playing in the dirt… it’s like i’ve got enough washing to do or anything.

my first few weeks as a mother of two

let’s not lie, the last four weeks have not been easy. i have thoroughly questioned my decision to have a second child on numerous occasions especially when thatcher has tried to crawl on my head as i fed marlow, or when i spent another long night being hit and kicked by him as he wriggled around in our bed (he has refused to sleep through the night since marlow arrived), or when he (yet again) put on his sensitive-sammy pants and burst into tears because i dared to tell him ‘no’. likewise, there have been moments that have had me seriously doubting my ability to adequately parent these little humans; like when i saw thatcher reach into marlow’s bassinet, hit her and tell her to ‘wake up and play’ with him or when he made her cry and then proceeded to cover her with a tea towel and tell me she was hiding in an effort to stop me finding out what he had done.

but in amongst those moments of insanity – and the never ending cycle of washing and folding and ironing and washing and … – i get to witness some amazing moments that simply make my heart melt. although he is not always as gentle as he should be with her, every time thatcher leans over to give marlow a kiss or a cuddle or hold her hand i am so glad that rod and i decided to ride this crazy roller coaster all over again. and when yesterday marlow started crying in the car and thatch reached his little hand out, took hold of her hand and said to her ‘it’s alright baby girl’ i knew we must be doing something right. in those long witching hours, when everyone is tired and cranky and screaming, I try to remind myself of those tender little moments because it is them that make this whole parenthood thing worth it.

now while i wait for my kids to do something sweet and melt my heart again, i’m off to do some washing…